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Purple Haze Marijuana Review

“Purple Haze is in my brain. Lately things don’t seem the same. I feel funny, and I don’t know why. ‘Scuse me, while I kiss the sky.”

Fl-Purple-Haze-6Rarely has there been a strain of marijuana with such renown, and name recognition as purple haze. Ever since I first started smoking marijuana, getting purple haze was something to be excited about. In fact, it is one of the few strands of marijuana that I actually knew by name back in my teenage years. (back in the early ‘90s in Florida, we either got the standard Jamaican brick weed, kryptonite {or krippy} and every once in a while… purple haze).

Big Beautiful Purple Haze Buds

The strain is supposedly named after the Jimi Hendrix song, and not the other way around. If that is the case, the Purple Haze is a strong strain of weed deserving of it’s namesake. Although some places call this strain of marijuana a sativa, I would have to say it is more likely a hybrid. I have heard that Purple Haze is a hybrid of Purple Thai, Columbian Haze, and an early Dutch Skunk. The buds are large and dense. They have greens and purples mixed with abundant orange hairs, and there is a very earthy aroma with a bit of skunk. The flavor is berry or grape candy with a bit of sandal wood.

Purple Haze is in my Brain

Fl-Purple-Haze-14-EditPurple Have has an immediate effect. The indica head high quickly focus the mind, and simultaneously focuses it in different directions. The eurphoria of the head high settles into an energetic sativa body buzz. This strain of marijuana would be great for relieving stress or anxiety while not putting you straight to sleep. This creative strain is a fitting tribute to Jimi and should be high on your list when picking a strain to enjoy.

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Juicy Fruit Weed Review

I recently got my hands on bag of some fairly nice Juicy Fruit weed. This is truly a great strain of marijuana. A hybrid bred from the noble heritage of Afghan Kush (Indica), and Tai (Sativa).

juicy fruit weedThis is some Pretty Bud

The Juicy Fruit weed buds are a beautiful mixture of green hues with a touch of purples, plenty of orange hairs, and a sugary coating of crystals. The buds themselves are not super dense, but they are not fluffy either. They are firm, but easily broken apart. The Juicy Fruit marijuana strain has a pleasant tropical smell. Berries and a hint of pina colada fill out the strong aromas of the bud.

Having a Bowl of Juicy Fruit

Much like it looks, the Juicy Fruit weed has flavors that are sweet and fruity. This strain of marijuana is potent, and a few hits will get you elevated. The sativa influence gives you a creative and wandering mind, while the indica relaxes your body. There is a slight underlying body buzz from the sativa as well. The Juicy Fruit weed has a great euphoric quality that, for some, makes it great at helping fight depression or anxiety.

This bud will also give you the munchies. That can be good for some, but for me, it is a serious drawback. Speaking of drawbacks, this juicy fruit weed also creates a very dry mouth and eyes.

Juicy-Fruit-Weed-3Overall Opinion of Juicy Fruit Weed

This is really a great strain of marijuana. It has all the uplifting qualities of an sativa, mixed with the relaxation of an indica. I believe the juicy fruit marijuana strain will always be a top choice for me.

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Blue Dream Marijuana Review

Southern Blue Dream-3Blue Dream Marijuana is a 50/50 hybrid mix of Blueberry Indica and Silver Haze Sativa. The Buds are a dark green with a generous supply of crystals throughout. Plentiful orange hairs and the occasional dark blue leaf finish off the bud. The Blue Dream Marijuana strain has a sweet berry smell, almost like the berry flavored breakfast cereal that you’ll want to chow down on after smoking a bit to much of it. (I’m talking to you BooBerry).

Blue Dream Marijuana – The Smoke

Taking a hit from the Blue Dream Marijuana you can immediately taste the blueberry heritage of this strain. The complex flavors are heavy. The thick smoke is filled with the sweet hints of berries. This cannabis strain is truly a pleasure to smoke.

blue dream marijuanaHow it Works

Fast acting, the Blue Dream Marijuana strain quickly brings you into the indica head high while keeping you from melting into the couch with a strong sativa body buzz. This strain of weed is well suited to people who need to medicate, yet still need to get things done. This is a very uplifting cannabis strain that serves both recreational users, as well as alleviates depression, and anxiety.

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Superman Marijuana Review

Superman-2Superman Marijuana is a heavy Indica born of the fusion of Tahoe OG and Bubba Kush. When I was shown this strain in the dispensary I was immediately intriquede. I am a big fan of Bubba Kush and all of it’s offspring.

Superman Marijuana – The Buds

The Buds of the Superman Marijuana are a classic Bubba. Dense green buds generously littered with orange hairs and a nice dusting of trichomes. The bud is pungent and earthy smelling with rich underlying textures.

This Superman Marijuana has a very earthy flavor with hints of butter and fuel that oddly leave behind a slightly fruity aftertaste.

Superman-16How it Works – Superman Marijuana

As the name suggests, this is one strong Indica strain. Having high amounts of both THC and CBD, this bud sooths the body and mind releasing stress and making one feel good allover. Superman marijuana is best used as a night time bud, for the effects may be a bit heavy for any activities. The effects are strong and long lasting.

Overall, I think this is a great bud for stress relief, insomnia, and pain relief. Have you tried Superman marijuana? Tell us what you think of it in the comments below.

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Bigfoot Marijuana Review

Big-Foot-5Bigfoot Marijuana

I picked up some Bigfoot marijuana from the dispensaries around the corner from me the other day because it was on special, and I am a cheap bastard sometimes. This batch looks homegrown, and may not be a great example of the strain.

The Buds: Bigfoot marijuana

The buds are light, fluffy, and not very dense at all. There are plenty of orange hairs throughout. The bud has a musky, nutty, earthy smell and does not “reek of weed” like some strains. The Bigfoot marijuana would easily avoid detection from an untrained nose.

Big-Foot-10A Taste of Bigfoot Marijuana

The taste of these sweet buds is very mellow. There is a smokey flavor to it almost like Hickory Smoked BBQ. The exhale has hints of sweetness and vanilla.

How it Works

Bigfoot Marijuana is an allover mellow kinda bud. It relaxes the body, but not enough for couch lock. It also eases a worried mind without causing you to zone out. This is a good bud for when you still need to get things done.

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Purple Fantasy Marijuana Strain Review

purple fantasy marijuana

Purple-Fantasy-6Purple Fantasy Marijuana

I stopped by a local dispensary the other day and saw the most amazingly purple marijuana buds I have seen in a while. It is no secret I love purples, so I had to give this a try. The shop labeled it as an Indica, and it seems to be just that.

The Buds – Purple Fantasy Marijuana

The buds have an amazing purple hue with bits of green poking through here and there. There are ample clusters of orange hairs throughout, and a nice dusting of white trichomes.

The Aroma is sweet and fruity with an undercurrent of cat piss. The Purple Fantasy marijuana has a musky flavor with hints of blueberry on the exhale.

How it works

Purple-Fantasy-9Purple Fantasy Marijuana comes at you strong. It first clears the head allowing for improved focus. Then the body becomes heavy.  This Indica strain relaxes the muscles and the nerves to bring you a blissful calm. However, this doesn’t seem to have any “couchlock” at all.  It actually feels a bit invigorating, leading me to believe this is a hybrid, and there are some Sativa qualities sliding in.

Final Thoughts – Purple Fantasy Marijuana

This is a great after work bud. It relaxes the body, and wipes clean the stresses of the day, while still leaving you the energy to get stuff done. If you are looking for a nice good night toke before bed, this may not be the best bud for you, but if you have stuff around the house to take care of, blaze this for a nice afternoon.

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Lavender Marijuana – Strain review

Lavender-marijuana-3Lavender Marijuana Review

Lavender Marijuana is said to be a descendent Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghani/Hawaiian. With such a heritage it is no wonder this is a much loved bud. Although technically a hybrid, this bud leans heavily to the indica side. with slight hints of the sativa that keep you moving.

First Impressions

Lavender-marijuana-6The buds of this Lavender Marijuana are nice and dense. Although this batch doesn’t seem to have a lot of the usual purples that are in most Lavenders, there is a bit sprinkled about.  Plenty of orange hairs weave throughout the bud, and there is a nice coating of trichomes covering the buds.

The aromas are flowery and earthy with a subtle sweet side.  The flavor is much the same with a bit of a spicy, hashy aftertaste that lingers. The Lavender Marijuana hits fast, and hard. After 2 rips from the bowl I could feel it.


Lavender-marijuana-17How it Works

The Lavender Marijuana strain is a typical indica with strong body relaxation and a quick head clearing effect. Although not as heavy on the limbs as some indicas making it a good bud to use when you are getting some things done around the house. For some, this strain may even help with social anxiety due to overall relaxing feel it has, mixed with the happy and mind clearing head high.

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Gods Gift Marijuana Strain Review

gods-gift-2God’s Gift Marijuana

God’s Gift Marijuana is an Indica dominant hybrid that is said to lean very heavily to the Indica side. It comes from the prestigious lineage of Grand Daddy Purple and OG Kush, and is known for being very strong. I am a sucker for the purples, and even more so for a pretty bud, and the God’s Gift marijuana is both of those. If you are looking for a heavy sleepy time bud, then look no further then God’s Gift marijuana.



First Impressions

The Gods Gift Marijuana buds look incredible. They are medium sized, and dense with rich purple leaves mixed in with the greens kicked off by plentiful orange hairs, and lightly coated in a dusting of trichomes. The buds smell very earthy and berry sweet, and the taste on the inhale is very similar with rich berry flavors and hints of citrus. The exhale brings a surprising cinnamon type spice to it, and the whole flavor fills your mouth, and lingers.

How it works

god's gift marijuana bowlGod’s Gift marijuana quickly relaxes both mind and body leaving one happily content with just about any situation. The bud hits you in the head and quickly clears the restless mind leaving one able to focus with mental distractions. The body relaxation is equally heavy and does lead one to want to find a place to relax.  This is not a weed to be used if one plans to get anything done, but would appear to be a great strain to use to aid in sleep for people suffering from chronic aches and pains, or a restless mind that keeps you up.  (at least it has me looking for a nice comfortable spot to lie down and relax…)


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Disneyland Medical Marijuana | Review

Disneyland Medical Marijuana

disneyland-1Marijuana Strain Review – Disneyland – Indica

Well friends, I don’t name them, I just smoke them. This week I am smoking some Disney. I couldn’t find anything on the web about this strain… and sometimes I feel like this dispensary just makes stuff up half the time, but they are calling it an indica, so I figured I’d give it a try.

The last time I was at Disneyland I managed to stay medicated (I get anxiety in large crowds), however I wasn’t smoking bud… I decided to be more discrete. Either way, it absolutely made the happiest place on earth even happier.


The Disneyland Cannabis Buds

These buds are nice. They are sticky and springy. A nice shade of green  with orange hairs throughout. A lite frosting of crystals finishes of this magical Disneyland bud.  Although not overpowering, the bud has a piney scent with subtle hints of cat piss and BO. (kinda like Disneyland)

The flavor is warm and smoky. The smoke is expansive; filling up your lungs, and pushing to get back out.

Disneyland Marijuana – How it Works

disneyland-16This is a typical heavy indica. It hits the head, and quickly turns you Droopy, Goofy, and several other funny named characters.  The Disneyland Medical Marijuana wastes no time sliding down your back into a heavy muscle relaxation.

I guess appropriately, the Disneyland medical marijuana doesn’t provide that clear focus that many indicas have. It also seems to have a bit of a peppy body buzz that creeps up on you. This would lead one to believe there is some sativa in the genealogy of this plant.

Summary – Disneyland Medical Marijuana

Overall, this would be nice cannabis to use at a large attraction. The muscle relaxation soothes the soreness of all the walking that you did, while the pep lets you do more. Although I would never suggest smoking medical marijuana  at Disneyland…

Have you tried the Disneyland Marijuana strain? If so rate it below, and don’t forget to comment and let us know what you thought of it!

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Presidential Bubba Marijuana Review

Presidential Bubba MarijuanaPresidential Bubba Marijuana Review

I’ve always been a fan of the Bubbas. You can read my Master Bubba Kush, and Bubba Kush reviews to see that. Recently I found a strain called Presidential Bubba. I can just picture our president sitting in the back of airforce one, looking to the secret service guys and saying “lock the door boys, I got some Presidential Bubba”.

The Presidential Bubba Buds (that’s fun to say)

presidential-bubba-9The Presidential Bubba Cannabis really is nice to look at. The buds are dense, and green with streaks of purple, and orange hairs all covered in a generous dusting of crystals.

The aroma is skunky, earthy and sweet. This is not a “discrete” weed by any means. The flavor is rich and smoky. The inhale is a bit expansive.

How Presidential Bubba works

This is a strong Indica. It hits fast and clears your head. It then moves down your body with a nice muscle relaxation that relieves minor aches and pains. Unlike many other indicas, the Presidential Bubba Marijuana does not give you the heavy eyes and sleepy feeling. (or maybe I just had to much coffee today…)

presidential-bubba-11Final Thoughts: Presidential Bubba Cannabis

For me, This is a good bud to use when minor aches and pains (or anxiety) draw my attention, and make it hard to focus. A bowl of Presidential Bubba Marijuana is all I need to deaden the sore muscles from yesterdays workout, and stop my brain from repeating “gee, your leg is sore, maybe you should cut down on the walking”

Have you tried the Presidential Bubba Marijuana strain? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and share your rating.