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Juicy Fruit Weed Review

I recently got my hands on bag of some fairly nice Juicy Fruit weed. This is truly a great strain of marijuana. A hybrid bred from the noble heritage of Afghan Kush (Indica), and Tai (Sativa).

juicy fruit weedThis is some Pretty Bud

The Juicy Fruit weed buds are a beautiful mixture of green hues with a touch of purples, plenty of orange hairs, and a sugary coating of crystals. The buds themselves are not super dense, but they are not fluffy either. They are firm, but easily broken apart. The Juicy Fruit marijuana strain has a pleasant tropical smell. Berries and a hint of pina colada fill out the strong aromas of the bud.

Having a Bowl of Juicy Fruit

Much like it looks, the Juicy Fruit weed has flavors that are sweet and fruity. This strain of marijuana is potent, and a few hits will get you elevated. The sativa influence gives you a creative and wandering mind, while the indica relaxes your body. There is a slight underlying body buzz from the sativa as well. The Juicy Fruit weed has a great euphoric quality that, for some, makes it great at helping fight depression or anxiety.

This bud will also give you the munchies. That can be good for some, but for me, it is a serious drawback. Speaking of drawbacks, this juicy fruit weed also creates a very dry mouth and eyes.

Juicy-Fruit-Weed-3Overall Opinion of Juicy Fruit Weed

This is really a great strain of marijuana. It has all the uplifting qualities of an sativa, mixed with the relaxation of an indica. I believe the juicy fruit marijuana strain will always be a top choice for me.