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Florida Medical Marijuana: How Do I Get It?

Last November, Florida voters overwhelmingly voted to allow medical marijuana to be available in their state. As most of us know, marijuana is a completely safe, organic plant that has been scientifically proven to have medicinal value in treating a number of conditions.

gods-gift-5The US Government has recently admitted that Cannabinoids may be useful in treating the side effects of cancer and in cancer treatment as well as cannabis may relieve pain and lower inflammation. These admission show that marijuana should not be considered a schedule 1 narcotic under US law. A schedule 1 narcotic, by law, is defined as having no currently accepted medical use. As we can all see, marijuana does have an acceptable medical use, so it should no longer be a classified a schedule 1 narcotic.

Cocaine is currently a schedule 2 narcotic, and as such can be legally prescribed anywhere in the United States. It is mostly used in eye surgery to dilate eyes, and as a topical anesthetic. However, cocaine is still illegal for recreational use.

At the very least, Marijuana should also be reduced to a schedule 2 narcotic. Over half the states in the US have now passed laws legalizing the medicinal use of marijuana against federal guidelines. This leaves the states at odds with the feds, and calls of “states rights” echoing in the streets again.

Fortunately, in states that have legalized medicinal marijuana, if you have a medical marijuana card, you can legally posses and use marijuana. Local law enforcement will not harass you for it. Federal law enforcement still could, but it is unlikely that federal law enforcement will harass a regular person using medical marijuana to treat a medical condition. They will be more interested in growers and retailers, if anything.

How Do I Get My Florida Medical Marijuana Card?

purple maui cannabis budIf you have a condition that you believe Florida medical marijuana can be useful in treating, you may be wondering how you can get a Florida Medical Marijuana Card. Well lucky for you, Dr Greg Sonn and Iona Cannabis Clinic is hosting an educational seminar for those interested in obtaining their Florida Medical Cannabis Card, on Wednesday July 26th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at the Crown Plaza in the Bell Tower center in Fort Myers.

There will be staff on hand to help you through each step of the process, including taking the photo you will need to submit to the Florida Department of Health.

Tickets are available for $30 before July 25th, and after that tickets will be $45 at the door. If you are in need of a prescription for Florida medical marijuana, this is an event that you need to attend. So head on down to Ft Myers Florida July 26th and spend the day getting the information, and help you need in a safe environment with like minded people. It will be well worth your time.

People deserve safe access to organic medicines that can help their conditions. Iona Cannabis Clinic’s event will help you do just that.

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Half Way There: Louisiana Becomes 25th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana

legalize-medical-marijuanaI have often thought that we don’t celebrate enough in life. They say that getting there is half the fun, and life is about the journey, but we often only celebrate the destination. Recently, I have decided to start celebrating the “half way there” moments as well.

My friends son recently celebrated his 9th birthday. I got the boy a birthday gift, and I got his parents a “half way there” gift as well. They are half way through raising the boy to adulthood. That is an accomplishment. That should be celebrated.

On Thursday, May 19th, 2016, Louisiana became the 25th US state to legalize medical marijuana. That means that half of the states in the United States of America now have a legal medical marijuana program. I think this is a great moment in the fight to legalize marijuana and a moment that should be recognized and celebrated. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said “This is one of those bills that I believe will have a positive impact on people who need it the most,” as he signed the bill into law.

Why is it such a milestone that half of the country has legalized medical marijuana? Because the importance of the will of the people is at the very foundation of our country. As we move past this watershed moment, we must pay heed to the realization that half the country supports medical marijuana and when the next state legalizes medical marijuana it will be the majority of the country.

medical-marijuanaA democracy simply can not function when the will of the majority of the population is ignored. Granted, out country is a constitutional, representative republic, and the purpose of a representative republic is to protect the majority from the majority. But protecting the minority is not about banning the legal sale of an item that the majority supports. Protecting the minority is about not banning the things the minority supports. The use of medical marijuana harms no one, the criminalization of medicine hurts many.

It is my suggestion that we celebrate the moment when half of our nation legalized medical marijuana. We smoke a joint and eat some gumbo. We listen to “Born of the Bayou” and breath in the freedom. The wave is moving across the country and soon, the United States will abandon it’s prohibition policies that are in themselves anti-American. Louisiana is the half way mark. A new place to celebrate.

See you guys at Mardi Gra!

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Need to find a Marijuana friendly, low cost place to stay while traveling?

At 420resource, we think it is better, when traveling, to stay with cool people and get to know them over a smoke out sesh, then to stay in a sterile hotel where the old couple in the next room will be calling the front desk to complain about the smell of your fresh nugs. That is why we love the idea of CannabisCouchSurfers! It is not only a way to find a place to stay that is better adjusted to your personal needs, it also helps people in the stoner community, and helps everyone make friends!

20151004_1427070CannabisCouchSurfers.Com  is designed to help medical marijuana travelers and their friends by providing listings of people and places willing to provide a place to stay. Barter , or trading services is frequently a friendly way to provide accommodations. You can offer to take your host out to dinner or fix some thing for them in exchange for a place to stay. Couch surfing means finding an improvised place to stay. It could be on the couch or your own room. It is important to make sure you are comfortable so we adviseyou to check out your plans thoroughly and we offer you  Skype so you can inspect the place before you arrive. No one can guarantee perfection but doing proper planning always helps. All information is kept strictly confidential and nerver shared. We encourage you to list and you can be anonymous by using a ficticious name.  You can list as both a guest and a potential host .  It is a great way to meet local and long distance friends.

         CannabisCouchSurfers.Com makes every effort to be inclusive and offer our members discounts on selected items that are complimentary. We have relationships with many products and places. If you would like to watch our latest video it is – I Sail for marijuana- .  To promote your product or service please let us know and we can provide you with space on our website. You can e-mail us at

★☆★ We LOVE what you do at CannabisCouchSurfers.Com★☆★
■●■ Just bring grass for a place to crash ■●■
★Meet local or long distance friends.
● Hotels don’t allow pets or smoking, our members do.
★★ Member Discounts on selected items.
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I Sail for marijuana

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Cannabis Beverage: Marijuana Cocktails For the Masses

Cannabis Beverage from Modern Martini RX Waving Popularity Over the Cannabis Market

mmrxfinalpixDespite being controversial in other parts of the globe, this newly cannabis beverage launched by Modern Martini RX is making a buzz over the cannabis market. This one-of-a-kind beverage is creating frenzy with every dispensary trying to get their hands on it. The premium quality blend of the beverage without any alcohol content makes it a drink worth trying for.

Medicinal marijuana is getting more and more popular as the days go by. Distributors are now allowed to legally grow the plant even inside the confinements of their homes and to sell it to people of legal age for medical purposes in many states of the US. More and more research continues to reveal that cannabis plant has many medicinal properties.

The compounds found in cannabis are discovered to help in stimulating better thinking, help in distressing and to even cure many diseases. Having mentioned these facts, a lot cannot help but try this innovative beverage as it contains the medicinal plant. The drink contains the extracts of raw cannabis and other delightful ingredients expect alcohol. Thus, drinking the Martini will never get someone drunk or even tipsy.

To the people who have tasted the Martini, they claim that the cocktail is so delicious yet strong from a first sip. It is a promising drink that offers a revitalizing taste like no other. It is a quality and environment-friendly Martini that is sure to revolutionize the booming industry of cannabis. Modern Martini Rx offers the cocktail in different flavors like punch berry, absinthe pear, deluxious chocolate, whipped strawberry cream and ganja grape.

downloadEvery bottle contains the top quality of cannabis extracts (one hundred milligram per bottle) combined with unique Martini in order to offer a one-of-a-kind taste to everyone. Flavors will all in the inside as the cocktail’s container comes with a tamper evident seal, not to mention a patented design.

The California Cannabis Club Inc, a cannabis distributor, was the first to introduce this innovative cocktail in the market. Now, it’s Modern Martini Rx turn to make the cocktail even more accessible to the market. Its site is getting more and more popular to everyone who wants to have a firsthand taste of what a Martini with cannabis tastes like.

*Modern Martini Rx does not contain alcohol.

For more details or for any questions about the innovative cocktail, feel free to visit their website at

Media Contact:

Company: Modern Martini Rx

Contact Person: Brooke Wiseman

Address: United States



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Decal___QR_code2Marijuana is now legal in more than 20 states across the USA and there has been an exponential rise in the usage of cannabis over the last few years. But despite this, it can still be a bit of a “taboo” subject. If you are a regular smoker, it may be of benefit to you to live or holiday with an individual who is relaxed about your usage of marijuana. tries to fill this niche by connecting you to people who are advertising rooms for you to stay at many locations across America and beyond.

With, you can exchange services or favors & stay with your host by trading services or possibly stay for free, and build a friendship & memory with your host which will last forever. It is possible to register as a guest or host for free on the website. There is a long held tradition of marijuana smokers acting in a communal way with each other which tries to do by connecting people with a place to stay. If you join today, you can get a free papercraft by sending a request to CannabisCouchSurfers@gmail.Com.

Who does collaborate with?

CannabisCouchSurfers whilst also connecting medical travellers, also collaborates with many different causes and products.

20151004_1427070CannabisCouchSurfers knows how difficult it is for many of us who travel with a pet to get a cost effective place that allows animals to stay. Most of the time, hotels just say no, or quote extraordinary high prices for allowing your pet to stay with you. Pet owners predominantly believe that our pets are key members of our family and that is why we support PetProjectforPets.Org. We recommend you check them out as they give away free pet food, courtesy of Pet Supermarket, to disabled people and others. It’s a truly fantastic cause and we hope you support them in their great work that they do.

We also recommend They offer tours to Barcelona which we think is the new “Amsterdam” that many of us have not yet tried. We would certainly recommend you pay them a visit and check out their excellent value for money tours.

For everyday use, we also work with Magical Butter. This turns any botanical into a butter, tincture or oil which can be very useful. Aswell as this, Joe the Benny rolling papers are also worth a look. They are certainly more interesting than plain papers which often look a bit bland and add a bit of fun to smoking.

If you’d like to advertise any products with, head over to our website and we will be more than happy to promote your products on our website or through our many advertising mediums.

IMG20141025WA0000We LOVE what you do at Cannabis Couch Surfers
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A Green Consumers’ Guide To Shopping For Recreational Marijuana

Originally posted on Green-Barn Farms


Legal recreational marijuana is now on sale in a handful of states.  And consumers are just starting to look beyond their (or their budtenders) fascination with THC levels and attractive buds.

Consumers with an eye for eco-friendly products are starting to ask many of the same questions about how their marijuana is being produced that they routinely ask about the foods they purchase. And this makes a whole lot of sense–after all, marijuana is not just a drug, it is a plant. And like other produce items we purchase for consumption, we may be concerned what went into growing it–fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides–before putting it to our lips.

The Number of Pesticides Approved

For Burning or Inhalation: Zero

Consumers would be wise to learn more about the origins of their weed. Smoking pot or inhaling cannabis vapors receives a special pass from our bodies. Unlike our stomachs, lungs are not designed to filter toxins before letting them into the blood stream. Stomachs provide several layers of filtering–physical barriers, chemical degradation, and finally a pass through the liver to protect us from a whole bevy of toxins. Our lungs gladly accept whatever is inhaled which explains the almost instantaneous effects we feel from smoking.

Thus, synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides used to grow conventional marijuana get direct access to the body and brain. Which is a huge concern since there are no products–organic or not–that have been tested and approved on a smokable product like cannabis. Needless to say, the chemical stew produced by setting these products aflame and inhaling them into one’s lungs can’t be a comforting thought.

The 2 Big Green Questions

You Should Ask Your Budtender

#1 – Is this cannabis organically grown? This is the most obvious question. Like any other agricultural product, there should be organically produced marijuana, right?

Actually, the answer is not a simple one. The term “organic” is controlled by the USDA, a federal agency. And since it is a federal agency and cannabis is still a Schedule 1 controlled drug, the USDA is not allowed to weigh in on the production of cannabis. So if a grower says their pot is organic, this is not accurate.

Marijuana can be grown to an organic-like standard using the same fertilizers and pesticides that are approved for use on organic fruits and vegetables. But how are consumers to know if a grower is being truthful in representing their products without USDA organic certification?

“There is plenty of misrepresentation of recreational marijuana products as organic right now in Colorado and Washington,” says Chris Van Hook of Clean Green Certified and expert in organic certification. “Not only is it inaccurate, but it is bad for the industry as it leads to a credibility gap and consumer confusion.”

The solution in the near term can be found in third-party certification services that apply organic standards to pot growers and back it up with testing and verification. Clean Green Certified and Certified Kind are the two main agencies offering comprehensive certification on par with USDA standards. Ask your budtender to point out products that carry these endorsements, or to start carrying them in their stores.

#2 – Is this cannabis sustainably grown? We expect to know a lot about our food these days. Was my beef fed corn or grass? Are those eggs from caged, cage-free, or pastured chickens? Was that pork raised humanely and sustainably? Are those blueberries from a local farm, or from Chile? But what about my marijuana?

Steve Kessler, owner of Paper & Leaf–a recreational cannabis retailer on Bainbridge Island, Washington–says, “Our customers are regularly looking for natural sun grown product. Environmental impact plays a huge role in our customer’s decision making.” Kessler continues, “Producers like Green Barn Farms recognize that there is a market for environmentally friendly, safe and sustainably grown cannabis. And our customers get it.”

However, unlike the Paper & Leaf experience, venturing into most retail marijuana stores in Washington or Colorado yields few answers on how green their growers are. As described above, organic standards are not well known, retailers are not versed in green issues and consumers are still starry-eyed over the prospect of buying legal weed, regardless of its source. But it turns out, the sustainability question for marijuana is a huge one.

“Quick–name one commercial fruit or vegetable crop that is grown indoors under artificial light. Struggling to name one? No worries, because there isn’t one,” says Scott Masengill, owner of Tumbleweed Farms, a marijuana farm in Prosser, Washington. “Growing plants indoors seems to defy all logic,” he continues. “Looking beyond the obvious–it’s a plant evolved through the millennia to prosper outdoors in soil and under the sun–what economic or environmental sense is there in cultivating in a warehouse?”

Turns out growing marijuana indoors is a legacy left over from decades of illegal, covert cultivation designed to hide grow operations from sight. When marijuana was legalized in Colorado and Washington, the new industry’s growers replicated cultivation systems that they knew best, only on a much larger scale. And that is very bad news for the environment.

“The perception that outdoor cannabis is inferior to indoor is based on years of illegal backwoods guerrilla operations trying to grow marijuana under hostile conditions,” Aaron Dunlap from Cascade Growers in Twisp, Washington. He continues, “Modern greenhouses are now producing sustainable marijuana that looks and tests as well as indoor without the environmental penalty.”

By some estimates, more than 1% of the entire electrical use in the U.S. goes toward growing cannabis indoors. In California–home to the nation’s best outdoor growing conditions–more than 3% of the state’s electrical use is dedicated to indoor cannabis production.  Producing a single pound of cannabis indoors, releases more than 4,600 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere. What environmental impact will cannabis production have if it is legalized nationwide?

“The new recreational cannabis industry is in a unique position. We have the opportunity to create a new industry from scratch and to get it right from the start,” states Jerry Lapora of Emerald Twist, Washington state’s first Clean Green Certified cannabis farm. “One that is both all natural and sustainable, rather than one that negatively affects our environment. Let’s hope both producers and consumers see the value in that.”

So what is the difference between indoor and outdoor cannabis? The consensus is that indoor marijuana tends to look superior. Tighter flower density and lighter color are what most budtenders will point to. However, testing has shown that the THC levels between indoor and quality outdoor are quiet similar. In fact, some will argue that due to the sun’s full spectrum of light, most outdoor products produce a better high and more terpenes than their light-challenged indoor counterparts.

Indoor cannabis is also significantly more expensive to grow due to leasing of warehouse space and massive environmental control costs, not to say anything about the costs of lighting. Indoor cannabis production is estimated to cost between 50% and 75% more than outdoor production. At some point, the prices consumers pay at the stores will reflect that difference.

“If the only difference between indoor and outdoor cannabis is the looks, one should ask if the environmental costs and higher prices to consumers are worth it,” Lapora says. “For our planet’s sake, let’s hope people make the obvious green choice at the stores.”


About the author

Brian Crawley manages a cannabis farm in the Northeast corner of Washington State. His farm, Mountain High Organics, is part of cooperative of recreational outdoor cannabis farms called Green Barn Farms. They farm and process Clean Green Certified and Sun Grown marijuana products.

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How Many People Use Marijuana Worldwide?

According to the United Nations, 158.8 million people around the world use marijuana—more than 3.8% of the planet’s population. Say what?! That’s a lot of people! But to put that in perspective, about 2 billion people across the world consume alcoholic drinks.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO); about 147 million people (2.5% of the world population) who are 18 or older consumed marijuana at least once during that year.

As of 2009, the United States is ranked #12 in annual prevalence for marijuana use. The results showed that 13.7% of adults ages 18 or older in the United States had consumed marijuana at least once during 2009. The United States is ranked #1 in lifetime prevalence (used at least once in their life). In 2010 it was found that 51.6% of people aged 16-34 had tried marijuana at least once in their lifetime.

Marijuana has been consumed throughout history for personal, social, medical, spiritual, and cultural use. It is no surprise that it the most consumed, produced, and trafficked drug in the world.

The rising popularity of marijuana worldwide is evident in voter results and legalization attempts. Uruguay has completely legalized the possession, sale, transport, and cultivation of marijuana. Here the United States, there is a huge movement to begin legalization at a state and federal level. Four states have currently legalized weed for adult use, 23 states and D.C have legalized for medical use and several more are making steps towards doing so. Many other countries have adopted decriminalization policies and are looking towards full legalization.

As more information is being spread to eliminate any misconceptions people may have once had, there is a growing support for cannabis legalization worldwide.

To find more information, recipes or news visit

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Blueberry Pot-cakes Recipe

Check out this great link we found for Blueberry Pot Pancakes! I bet this would be great with some blueberry pie marijuana, or blueberry yum yum!

Regardless of what dish you combine with cannabis, you can add extra nutrition by adding organic fruit to your breakfast. Blueberry pancakes can provide nutrients and anti-oxidants to your breakfast. Mixed with cannabis, it can be a powerful way to kick off the morning. Other fruits can be used as well for a healthy meal, including bananas and strawberries. Here are the ingredients needed to make blueberry pot pancakes:

  • 1 cup of organic blueberries
  • 3 tablespoons of melted cannabis butter 
  • 1 1/2 cups of flour
  • 1 tablespoon of baking powder
  • 1 1/2 cups of low fat milk or soy milk
  • 2 eggs

Mix flour and baking powder in a large bowl. Add pinches of salt and sugar if you desire. In a separate bowl mix the eggs, milk and melted cannabis butter then pour in the blueberries. Mix the two bowls together to create the pancake batter. A lumpy batter with yield fluffy pancakes. Pour the batter in a frying pan and cook until pancakes turn light brown.

Enjoy, but remember go slow and don’t over indulge. Find more recipes and info at

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8 Essential Equipment Needed for your Marijuana Grow Room

Guestpost by: Ganjababy420

Growing marijuana is not a child’s play, you need some serious equipment to ensure you have a good yield in the long run. These are the eight essential equipment you need for your grow room.

Ventilation equipment

This is the most important aspect in a plant’s life. Ventilation is needed by plants to exchange gases; carbon dioxide is needed by the plant’s stems and leaves for proper photosynthesis, the roots of a plant need oxygen.

If you are running a small grow room with a few plants, simply opening the windows when needed would suffice. It is best to be careful as the smell of marijuana is very easy to perceive. You don’t need any trouble with the law.

For a farmer cultivating in a larger grow room, the window technique would not be adequate. You will need to employ a more advanced technique.

The best technique for this purpose is using an air extractor fan system. This equipment is for large grow rooms that needs fast evacuation of depleted air.

For a grow room that is 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.2m, the total volume of air is 2.88m3. This volume of air needs to be evacuated every two minutes. Therefore, the extractor hourly capacity should be:

2.88 x 30 = 86.4m3/hr

However, this only applies to extracted air. If you need to remove heat as well, the capacity needs to be doubled for effective evacuation of air.

You also need to plan extraction routes as well. This is done when building the grow room. You should also put into consideration that hot air floats, therefore you need to place the extractor on top of the room.

Considering the fact that marijuana needs more carbon dioxide than air can provide is crucial. You might need to purchase a CO2 kit.

Lighting equipment (grow lights and wall reflectors)

Just like all plants, without light, decelerated growth is certain. It is a fact that marijuana grows best under sunlight. In the grow room getting adequate sunlight in, is a herculean task, therefore, trying to get artificial light that could have the same effect like sunlight is ideal.

The first choice for amateur marijuana farmers is the common incandescent light whose light frequencies can be used by the marijuana plants. The disadvantage of this source of light is its far red and infra-red lights which make the plant concentrate its growth around the stem. The end results are tall, lanky plants which end up toppling over.

Fluorescent light tubes can be used only to supplement the main grow light as they do not produce adequate light needed by the plants.

Cool whites are a type of fluorescent light that produces blue light. They emit as much as the standard grow light needed for foliage growth.

Wide spectrum lights which are the standard grow light come in three intensities; the regular output, the high output and the very high output, increased intensity means faster growth of the marijuana plants. Therefore the very high output light is ideal for optimum growth.

Metal halide lights are also very good light sources; in fact they are one of the best, because they radiate more light in the white and blue spectrum. The only disadvantage of these lights is that they consume electricity.

Grow lights are pretty bright, but to make it brighter without increasing the amount of electricity consumed, wall reflectors are needed to bounce lights falling on the walls back to the plants. Wall reflectors also help in preventing any part of your plants from being in the shadows.

Watering equipment

Water is as important as light and ventilation for a growing plant as it is the medium in which most nutrients flow through the plant. Marijuana plant is very resilient, so constant watering can prove to be a problem, causing deep root issues and fatalities in your grow room.

Moderation is key, marijuana needs water, especially during the flowering stage, but do not over water. The typical marijuana plants need to be watered every 2-3 days. If your grow room is small you can do that manually using a watering can or a hose connected to a flowing water source.

To ensure you give adequate water, you need a pH meter. The pH of the water should be around 6.0 to 6.5 if growing marijuana in soil. However, if growing hydroponically, the acidity of the water should be lower.

You can also install an automatic watering system that uses a timer to water your plants. You need to set the right amount of water you need to get to each plant. These can be bought as an already-made system and installed by a professional.


The right temperature in a marijuana grow room is very important as it aids photosynthesis. Low temperature reduces evaporation from the leaves resulting in to downward suction (pulling nutrients down as well) through the roots, which leads to stunted growth in marijuana plants.

In freezing temperature, a radiator with thermostat or a space heater should be purchased. The down side of the space heater is the high electricity consumption rate. The maximum temperature for adequate growth of marijuana is about 82˚F.

Air conditioners

Just as marijuana plants don’t like cold conditions, the also do not need an overly hot grow room. Heat and water can make the grow room very humid and this could lead to increased exposure of the plants to pest and diseases.

When an extractor cannot be purchased, an air conditioner can be used instead. It also helps cool temperatures as well. The odor removing device can be fitted as well, so as to remove odor from the marijuana plants while circulating air.

Grow box or grow tent

These are used to create and control the environmental conditions of your marijuana plants especially when space is limited. It is used in place of a grow room. They can be used for normal and hydroponic cultivation. It is easy to build and you can also buy a ready-made one with a working system.

Hygrometers and dehumidifiers

Most diseases capable of destroying marijuana plants are as a result of high humidity in the grow room. If your grow room is too humid (this can be measured using a hygrometer) you need to purchase a dehumidifier.

Although, this is for the protection of your plants from diseases, it also helps the marijuana plants produce resins (produced only when the environment is dry); it acts as a plant moisturizer.

The ideal relative humidity levels are:

  • Cloning stage: about 80% – 90%
  • Vegetative growth stage: about 60% – 70%
  • Flowering stage: 40% – 60%


Timers are needed for almost everything in the grow room. From running the automated water sprinkling system, to the grow lights, the heating and cooling systems, they ensure everything runs right in the marijuana grow room at the right time.

These are the most essential equipment you need for your marijuana cultivation indoors. Using them the right way will ensure you have strong and healthy marijuana plants.

Learn more about optimizing your Marijuana Grow Room 

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HipVap Wax & Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

The HipVap Vaporizer is probably the newest portable dry herb and wax vaporizer but has quickly proved itself to be one of the best in its class. With its two year warranty and special low price, there is no reason not to pick it. The HipVap Vaporizer has a very discreet design that looks like a small flask. It is only 3.6” x 2.3” and weighs about half a pound. The temperature control on this portable dry herb vaporizer is very precise and goes in small intervals. The fact that the HipVap Vaporizer is a dual use vaporizer helps you not lugging around multiple vaporizers.

Temperature control setting

The HipVap Vaporizer shows itself to be great with its temperature control setting. It ranges from 150°F (302°C) to 430°F (220°C) and heats up within two minutes. It has an LCD display which shows the desired temperature you’re on. The temperature can be increased by intervals of two.

Dual Use Vaporizer

hipvapHave you ever wondered why you are carrying a portable dry herb vaporizer and a wax vape pen around in the same pocket? Well now you don’t have to worry because the HipVap Vaporizer comes with the ability to heat up both materials. This is why the temperature control setting is important since you’re not vaporizing the same dry herbs or concentrate waxes. It comes with two chambers to put them in, with one of them being an open chamber where you can fill up your ground up herbs in. Make sure they are finely ground so there will be an even heat distribution. For the concentrates, you will load up the concentrates on a white cotton wick that is provided and insert it into the chamber. Once either one of these are done, close the bottom door of the flask to begin heating it up to your desired temperature.

Battery Life

The battery life on the HipVap Vaporizer is incredibly good. With only a 2-3 hour charge up time, you can easily use the HipVap Vaporizer for a good 2.5 continuous hours. It comes with two non-replaceable 2.3V lithium-ion batteries.

Heating Element and Dry Herb/Wax Chamber

The dry herb and wax chamber on the HipVap Vaporizer is underneath a sliding door on the bottom of the portable vaporizer. As said before, make sure your herbs are finely ground up so it can get an even heat distribution. This not only ensures precise and better quality vapor but also a quicker heat up time. The chamber holds about 0.3 grams of herbs roughly.