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Purple Haze Marijuana Review

“Purple Haze is in my brain. Lately things don’t seem the same. I feel funny, and I don’t know why. ‘Scuse me, while I kiss the sky.”

Fl-Purple-Haze-6Rarely has there been a strain of marijuana with such renown, and name recognition as purple haze. Ever since I first started smoking marijuana, getting purple haze was something to be excited about. In fact, it is one of the few strands of marijuana that I actually knew by name back in my teenage years. (back in the early ‘90s in Florida, we either got the standard Jamaican brick weed, kryptonite {or krippy} and every once in a while… purple haze).

Big Beautiful Purple Haze Buds

The strain is supposedly named after the Jimi Hendrix song, and not the other way around. If that is the case, the Purple Haze is a strong strain of weed deserving of it’s namesake. Although some places call this strain of marijuana a sativa, I would have to say it is more likely a hybrid. I have heard that Purple Haze is a hybrid of Purple Thai, Columbian Haze, and an early Dutch Skunk. The buds are large and dense. They have greens and purples mixed with abundant orange hairs, and there is a very earthy aroma with a bit of skunk. The flavor is berry or grape candy with a bit of sandal wood.

Purple Haze is in my Brain

Fl-Purple-Haze-14-EditPurple Have has an immediate effect. The indica head high quickly focus the mind, and simultaneously focuses it in different directions. The eurphoria of the head high settles into an energetic sativa body buzz. This strain of marijuana would be great for relieving stress or anxiety while not putting you straight to sleep. This creative strain is a fitting tribute to Jimi and should be high on your list when picking a strain to enjoy.

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Juicy Fruit Weed Review

I recently got my hands on bag of some fairly nice Juicy Fruit weed. This is truly a great strain of marijuana. A hybrid bred from the noble heritage of Afghan Kush (Indica), and Tai (Sativa).

juicy fruit weedThis is some Pretty Bud

The Juicy Fruit weed buds are a beautiful mixture of green hues with a touch of purples, plenty of orange hairs, and a sugary coating of crystals. The buds themselves are not super dense, but they are not fluffy either. They are firm, but easily broken apart. The Juicy Fruit marijuana strain has a pleasant tropical smell. Berries and a hint of pina colada fill out the strong aromas of the bud.

Having a Bowl of Juicy Fruit

Much like it looks, the Juicy Fruit weed has flavors that are sweet and fruity. This strain of marijuana is potent, and a few hits will get you elevated. The sativa influence gives you a creative and wandering mind, while the indica relaxes your body. There is a slight underlying body buzz from the sativa as well. The Juicy Fruit weed has a great euphoric quality that, for some, makes it great at helping fight depression or anxiety.

This bud will also give you the munchies. That can be good for some, but for me, it is a serious drawback. Speaking of drawbacks, this juicy fruit weed also creates a very dry mouth and eyes.

Juicy-Fruit-Weed-3Overall Opinion of Juicy Fruit Weed

This is really a great strain of marijuana. It has all the uplifting qualities of an sativa, mixed with the relaxation of an indica. I believe the juicy fruit marijuana strain will always be a top choice for me.

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Blue Dream Marijuana Review

Southern Blue Dream-3Blue Dream Marijuana is a 50/50 hybrid mix of Blueberry Indica and Silver Haze Sativa. The Buds are a dark green with a generous supply of crystals throughout. Plentiful orange hairs and the occasional dark blue leaf finish off the bud. The Blue Dream Marijuana strain has a sweet berry smell, almost like the berry flavored breakfast cereal that you’ll want to chow down on after smoking a bit to much of it. (I’m talking to you BooBerry).

Blue Dream Marijuana – The Smoke

Taking a hit from the Blue Dream Marijuana you can immediately taste the blueberry heritage of this strain. The complex flavors are heavy. The thick smoke is filled with the sweet hints of berries. This cannabis strain is truly a pleasure to smoke.

blue dream marijuanaHow it Works

Fast acting, the Blue Dream Marijuana strain quickly brings you into the indica head high while keeping you from melting into the couch with a strong sativa body buzz. This strain of weed is well suited to people who need to medicate, yet still need to get things done. This is a very uplifting cannabis strain that serves both recreational users, as well as alleviates depression, and anxiety.

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Alaska ThunderFuck – Hybrid Marijuana Review

Frugal Toking

Alaska-Thunder-Fuck-10I’m never one to pass up a good deal. Especially on weed. Especially, especially on weed named Alaska ThunderFuck. Now don’t get me wrong, I know the game. This was a great deal because this wasn’t the best example of Alaska Thunderfuck out there. There weren’t nearly as many crystals as is normally seen on Alaska Thunderfuck, and the leaves were much darker. There are plentiful red hairs growing throughout the buds. The aroma was much more pine and chestnut. The texture was a bit dry. This particular batch has a lot of seeds in it also. (So much so, that I am sure you will be seeing a post about my homegrown Alaskan Thunderfuck within the year) But like I said, it was a great deal.

Alaska-Thunder-Fuck-21The taste is a warm pepper, with acidic hints of citrus in the aftertaste. The smoke is thick, and rich.

The effects of the Alaska Thunderfuck come at you quickly. This hybrid of the Alaska Thunderfuck has a very relaxing body effects, as well as a pretty heavy head effect.

This strain was bred for potency in a region known for growing vegetables of record-setting size. – Wikipedia

This was a great deal! Not the best representation of the strain, but incredibly affordable, and still very potent.