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Gods Gift Marijuana Strain Review

gods-gift-2God’s Gift Marijuana

God’s Gift Marijuana is an Indica dominant hybrid that is said to lean very heavily to the Indica side. It comes from the prestigious lineage of Grand Daddy Purple and OG Kush, and is known for being very strong. I am a sucker for the purples, and even more so for a pretty bud, and the God’s Gift marijuana is both of those. If you are looking for a heavy sleepy time bud, then look no further then God’s Gift marijuana.



First Impressions

The Gods Gift Marijuana buds look incredible. They are medium sized, and dense with rich purple leaves mixed in with the greens kicked off by plentiful orange hairs, and lightly coated in a dusting of trichomes. The buds smell very earthy and berry sweet, and the taste on the inhale is very similar with rich berry flavors and hints of citrus. The exhale brings a surprising cinnamon type spice to it, and the whole flavor fills your mouth, and lingers.

How it works

god's gift marijuana bowlGod’s Gift marijuana quickly relaxes both mind and body leaving one happily content with just about any situation. The bud hits you in the head and quickly clears the restless mind leaving one able to focus with mental distractions. The body relaxation is equally heavy and does lead one to want to find a place to relax.  This is not a weed to be used if one plans to get anything done, but would appear to be a great strain to use to aid in sleep for people suffering from chronic aches and pains, or a restless mind that keeps you up.  (at least it has me looking for a nice comfortable spot to lie down and relax…)


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