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Purple Fantasy Marijuana Strain Review

purple fantasy marijuana

Purple-Fantasy-6Purple Fantasy Marijuana

I stopped by a local dispensary the other day and saw the most amazingly purple marijuana buds I have seen in a while. It is no secret I love purples, so I had to give this a try. The shop labeled it as an Indica, and it seems to be just that.

The Buds – Purple Fantasy Marijuana

The buds have an amazing purple hue with bits of green poking through here and there. There are ample clusters of orange hairs throughout, and a nice dusting of white trichomes.

The Aroma is sweet and fruity with an undercurrent of cat piss. The Purple Fantasy marijuana has a musky flavor with hints of blueberry on the exhale.

How it works

Purple-Fantasy-9Purple Fantasy Marijuana comes at you strong. It first clears the head allowing for improved focus. Then the body becomes heavy.  This Indica strain relaxes the muscles and the nerves to bring you a blissful calm. However, this doesn’t seem to have any “couchlock” at all.  It actually feels a bit invigorating, leading me to believe this is a hybrid, and there are some Sativa qualities sliding in.

Final Thoughts – Purple Fantasy Marijuana

This is a great after work bud. It relaxes the body, and wipes clean the stresses of the day, while still leaving you the energy to get stuff done. If you are looking for a nice good night toke before bed, this may not be the best bud for you, but if you have stuff around the house to take care of, blaze this for a nice afternoon.

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