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Master Bubba Kush (MBK) – Marijuana Review


Master Bubba Kush (MBK)

Master Bubba Kush is technically a hybrid, but don’t let that fool you. This hybrid is Indica Dominant. When I say dominant… I mean that chick from Genitorturers dominant. This stuff hits hard and locks you to the couch. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The Master Bubba Kush isn’t a weed that announces itself. Although the fragrance is obvious weed, there is enough earthy hints that it not just overpowering skunk. Sitting in a closed container on my desk, I can’t smell it at all, but popping the top unleashes an earthy fragrance with subtle hints of skunk.

Master-Bubba-18The buds on this Master Bubba Kush are a nice size with a pretty firm density. The are a light green with orange hairs. There is a nice coating of crystals giving the bud a frosted look.

The Master Bubba Kush has a clean taste on the inhale with an earthy, and maybe a bit sweet exhale.

The Master Bubba Kush is a cross between the Master Kush, and the Bubba Kush. Much like it’s brother bubba, the Master Bubba Kush hits hard and fast. This is a great strain if you suffer from insomnia. This will have you sleeping like a baby in no time. In no time at all this strain will clear your mind. The body effects are heavy, and will quickly relieve soreness.

On a down side, the Master Bubba Kush may not be the best medicine for you if you… have stuff to do.

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Bubba Kush | Marijuana Review

Bubba Kush – Indica Dominant Hybrid Marijuana Review

Bubba-Kush-3Bubba Kush has always been a favorite of mine, and I get excited when I see it in the shop.  Maybe it is because I am a Florida boy, and we always knew the best bud (in those days in Florida) came from Gainesville, and, according to High Times, so does Bubba Kush. Leafly suggests Bubba Kush is a hybrid of Bubble Gum, and Kush

The fragrance of Bubba Kush is subtle yet definitive. There is no denying this skunky, sweet herb. Yet you are not broadcasting that you have it to the whole world. Like many aspects of this strain, It is just strong enough, yet just subtle enough.

Bubba-Kush-13Bubba Kush Buds

The Bubba Kush buds are large. Not huge, but larger then average. They have a nice coating of crystals and are teeming with orange hairs. The buds have a medium density, and are just slightly sticky.

The smoke is light and sweet with a bit of a spicy edge. The effects do not take long to materialize. You quickly begin to feel the head effects as the body effects slowly come over you.

Bubba Kush is the type of weed the slams you at the beginning, but lets up quickly. Kind of like your cousin Bubba that see you, chases you down, and right as you are trying desperately to remember what you need to apologize for, he starts laughing at you.

Bubba-Kush-22Bubba Kush – Final Thoughts

This is a really nice strain for those day where you have a stressful morning. You smoke a bowl of Bubba Kush, clear the stress, relax the body… Then you make some lunch (because oh yes… it will give you the munchies), and then you go about the rest of your day.

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Planet X OG | Marijuana Review

Planet-X-13First Impressions: Planet X OG

The Planet X OG is a great Indica. The first thing you notice when introduced to this bud is the strong aroma. Like being introduced to that friend of a friend who’s culture isn’t as fond of bathing as ours is… There is no hiding this fragrance. It has a strong Skunk scent with some piney overtones, and there is no hiding this.

(A tip from an old guy: Don’t take this on the bus. We can smell it, and we do know what it is.)

The Bud

The Planet X OG Has a beautiful, medium sized bud. It is a rich forest green teaming with crystals and abundant in dark, earthy red hairs. The Planet X OG is dense and a bit sticky, but still a bit spongy.

Planet-X-18The bud broke up pretty nicely in the grinder. A few pieces did get stuck which inevitably led to me scraping them out with a resin coated poker… However, this bud is seed free so far. So a small amount of breaking the bud up to get rid of the few stems, and you can pack a bowl without grinding.

The Smoke

The Planet X OG has a very warm, Hashy flavor with a hint of rose petals… The smoke is expansive, making it hard to hold a large toke. The exhale is very silky, and smooth. It has an earthy, slightly spice aftertaste.

The Effect

Planet-X-26Planet X OG is a very heavy medication. It soothes pain, and eases mind and body. This is one of those strains that will leave you melting on the couch, and staring off into space with your eyes half open. If you have muscle pain that keeps you awake at night, you might want to find yourself some Planet X OG. This stuff will have you sleeping like a baby.

Planet X OG: Final Thoughts

The Planet X OG is a very heavy Indica. It is related to the other planetary OG’s (Jupiter OG, Mars OG etc) This bud is great for pain relief, stress relief, insomnia, and just plain relaxation. Do not expect to be very productive on this strain, and do not operate heavy machinery.

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Alaska ThunderFuck – Hybrid Marijuana Review

Frugal Toking

Alaska-Thunder-Fuck-10I’m never one to pass up a good deal. Especially on weed. Especially, especially on weed named Alaska ThunderFuck. Now don’t get me wrong, I know the game. This was a great deal because this wasn’t the best example of Alaska Thunderfuck out there. There weren’t nearly as many crystals as is normally seen on Alaska Thunderfuck, and the leaves were much darker. There are plentiful red hairs growing throughout the buds. The aroma was much more pine and chestnut. The texture was a bit dry. This particular batch has a lot of seeds in it also. (So much so, that I am sure you will be seeing a post about my homegrown Alaskan Thunderfuck within the year) But like I said, it was a great deal.

Alaska-Thunder-Fuck-21The taste is a warm pepper, with acidic hints of citrus in the aftertaste. The smoke is thick, and rich.

The effects of the Alaska Thunderfuck come at you quickly. This hybrid of the Alaska Thunderfuck has a very relaxing body effects, as well as a pretty heavy head effect.

This strain was bred for potency in a region known for growing vegetables of record-setting size. – Wikipedia

This was a great deal! Not the best representation of the strain, but incredibly affordable, and still very potent.

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Mad Love Marijuana – Indica Dominant Hybrid

Mad-Love-budsI have a strong suspicion that this Mad Love Marijuana is a rebranding of another strain. I picked it up from The Healing Touch, and their slogan is “We Show Mad Love”. I would like to know what it really is because it is pretty good.

The buds have a nice density and are very sticky. There is a good amount of crystals, and deep red hairs running throughout.

There is a rich peppery fragrance with a hint of skunk.

Mad-Love-GrinderThe bud sticks a bit in the grinder, but overall grinds up nicely into pieces that will stick to your finger tips.

I tried this with the old steamroller, and boy did it hit like a.., well, like a steamroller. The pepper from the fragrance is prominent in the taste. However, after a couple of hits of this, you won’t be thinking about the taste. This is a great strain for anxiety relief as it very quickly clears your head.

After the first wave of Mad Love’s Indica hits you, the Sativa creeps in and gives you a nice muscle relaxer type looseness. If you are the type the gets very sore and tense when you are stressed, this might be the bud for you.  The body high is smooth and slowly tapers away.

Mad-Love-Steamroller-1There also seems to be an artistic streak that runs in this bud. It has inspired me to shoot these great “Weed Porn” images that you see on this page. I believe this particular buds ability to clear your mind, and relax your body gives it particular inkling toward artistic endeavors.

If you are out by Encino, I would suggest swinging by THT at 18013 Ventura Blvd. #A and trying this out. They have pretty good specials, and gifts, a friendly staff, and a great selection. (and I’m not just saying that because they are within walking distance to me…)


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Blueberry Kush – Indica Dominant Hybrid


I’ll admit it, I am a big fan of the blueberries, and Blueberry Kush is a favorite. I guess it’s because I like blueberry muffins, and this bud has that hint of blueberry muffin to the taste. I am also a bit of an insomniac, and this strand helps a lot with that. It is a pretty heavy high, and will have you melted into the couch with your eyes barely open in no time. This strand is a hybrid of Blueberry and OG Kush, and is very much Indica dominant.

The bud is dense, and a bit sticky with a great smell. Depending on how you smoke it, it can be a bit hard on the throat. There is an earthy, kinda pepper aftertaste to this bud. It hits quick, and hard. Definitely a good strand for pain relief and insomnia. Not the best choice if you have things to get done. But great if you are sitting on the couch watching a movie.

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The Enigma of Shake

I grew up in Florida in the late 1980’s. Things were different then. We didn’t have legal dispensaries with multiple varieties of top shelf cannabis. Sure, every once in a while, that super nice, super green, super expensive stuff would show up: Christmas weed, Krippy, or Kryptonite… But mostly we had the same Jamaican weed broken off a bail… The Square Grouper. (Sometimes you even got an edge, or a corner of the bail). It was relatively cheap, and it did the job.

pre-rollsI moved to Southern California in the mid 1990’s. On November 5th, 1996 California’s Prop 215 passed with a 56% majority. California’s weed market expanded. Not just in size, but also in selection. We now had Indica’s, Sativa’s, Hybrid’s. All of them had great flavors, rich aromas, less sticks stems and seeds, had higher potencies, and cost almost 4 times as much.

There was cheaper alternatives. I used to get some stuff for half of what I paid in Florida, but it was brown, and not very potent. It seemed the medium quality Jamaican bud from my youth was gone.

During the trying times of the current economic situation, I have found myself strapped for cash from time to time. I noticed that my regular dispensary usually gives out free pre-roll joints (with purchase), and I realized that they sell shake also. And it is cheap.

7 grams of the house shake is around $30. That is about the same price I paid for it 20 years ago in Florida. And it is about the same quality. This stuff is great for rolling a joint, or a blunt, or for just taking a swat here and there trough the day without having to deal with the heavy head that other meds create.

Now I still buy top shelf stuff. But that is for night… before bed. During the day (I work from home) I tend to stick to the shake. It doesn’t effect my head to much, and doesn’t hurt my wallet either.

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Jupiter OG – Indica

Jupiter OG

It is a beautiful Sunday in Southern California, and I just picked up some Jupiter OG. Let’s see what we think of it.


The Jupiter OG is dense small buds. It has a pungent grass clippings / gass / skunk aroma that really travels. It has a brownish green hue (like most vegetation in SoCal) and there are some nice golden red hairs in it.

It grinds nicely and produces a lite, fluffy pack.

The flavors are very earthy and strong. There are hints of vegetable, and spice in it.

jupiter-grindJupiter OG is an Indica, and a very heavy one at that. It produces a heavy head high that works its way down into a long lasting body high. This strain will let the mind wander, but you better keep notes, because it also has a strong forgetful quality to it.

This is a great strand for patients dealing with insomnia, or pains that keep them from sleeping. The fast acting head high will put you to sleep, while the long lasting body high will keep you comfortable through the night.

jupiter-bowlOf the planetary strains this is a strong with with a rather potent flavor. some love it, and some do not. Best to try for oneself.