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Bigfoot Marijuana Review

Big-Foot-5Bigfoot Marijuana

I picked up some Bigfoot marijuana from the dispensaries around the corner from me the other day because it was on special, and I am a cheap bastard sometimes. This batch looks homegrown, and may not be a great example of the strain.

The Buds: Bigfoot marijuana

The buds are light, fluffy, and not very dense at all. There are plenty of orange hairs throughout. The bud has a musky, nutty, earthy smell and does not “reek of weed” like some strains. The Bigfoot marijuana would easily avoid detection from an untrained nose.

Big-Foot-10A Taste of Bigfoot Marijuana

The taste of these sweet buds is very mellow. There is a smokey flavor to it almost like Hickory Smoked BBQ. The exhale has hints of sweetness and vanilla.

How it Works

Bigfoot Marijuana is an allover mellow kinda bud. It relaxes the body, but not enough for couch lock. It also eases a worried mind without causing you to zone out. This is a good bud for when you still need to get things done.

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