Lavender-marijuana-3Lavender Marijuana Review

Lavender Marijuana is said to be a descendent Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghani/Hawaiian. With such a heritage it is no wonder this is a much loved bud. Although technically a hybrid, this bud leans heavily to the indica side. with slight hints of the sativa that keep you moving.

First Impressions

Lavender-marijuana-6The buds of this Lavender Marijuana are nice and dense. Although this batch doesn’t seem to have a lot of the usual purples that are in most Lavenders, there is a bit sprinkled about.  Plenty of orange hairs weave throughout the bud, and there is a nice coating of trichomes covering the buds.

The aromas are flowery and earthy with a subtle sweet side.  The flavor is much the same with a bit of a spicy, hashy aftertaste that lingers. The Lavender Marijuana hits fast, and hard. After 2 rips from the bowl I could feel it.


Lavender-marijuana-17How it Works

The Lavender Marijuana strain is a typical indica with strong body relaxation and a quick head clearing effect. Although not as heavy on the limbs as some indicas making it a good bud to use when you are getting some things done around the house. For some, this strain may even help with social anxiety due to overall relaxing feel it has, mixed with the happy and mind clearing head high.

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Lavender Marijuana – Strain review
The Lavender Marijuana strain relaxes, but not to much. Clears the mind, but doesn't put you to sleep. It is a good bud to focus you in and let you get things done around the house
Head Effects82%
Body Effects89%
  • Smiley
  • relaxes muscles without heavy feeling
  • focuses the mind
  • strong and hits fast
  • may cause you to "zone out" on things
86%Overall Score
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