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Purple Haze Marijuana Review

“Purple Haze is in my brain. Lately things don’t seem the same. I feel funny, and I don’t know why. ‘Scuse me, while I kiss the sky.”

Fl-Purple-Haze-6Rarely has there been a strain of marijuana with such renown, and name recognition as purple haze. Ever since I first started smoking marijuana, getting purple haze was something to be excited about. In fact, it is one of the few strands of marijuana that I actually knew by name back in my teenage years. (back in the early ‘90s in Florida, we either got the standard Jamaican brick weed, kryptonite {or krippy} and every once in a while… purple haze).

Big Beautiful Purple Haze Buds

The strain is supposedly named after the Jimi Hendrix song, and not the other way around. If that is the case, the Purple Haze is a strong strain of weed deserving of it’s namesake. Although some places call this strain of marijuana a sativa, I would have to say it is more likely a hybrid. I have heard that Purple Haze is a hybrid of Purple Thai, Columbian Haze, and an early Dutch Skunk. The buds are large and dense. They have greens and purples mixed with abundant orange hairs, and there is a very earthy aroma with a bit of skunk. The flavor is berry or grape candy with a bit of sandal wood.

Purple Haze is in my Brain

Fl-Purple-Haze-14-EditPurple Have has an immediate effect. The indica head high quickly focus the mind, and simultaneously focuses it in different directions. The eurphoria of the head high settles into an energetic sativa body buzz. This strain of marijuana would be great for relieving stress or anxiety while not putting you straight to sleep. This creative strain is a fitting tribute to Jimi and should be high on your list when picking a strain to enjoy.

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How to Look for the Best Sacramento Medical Marijuana Dispensary

medical cannabis

Medical cannabis has been widely recognized worldwide as an alternative medicine to cure various medical conditions. It is a good medicine to cure headache, gastrointestinal problems, muscle pain, chest ache, arthritis, sinus problems, back ache and many more. Parkinson’s disease, lung and brain cancer, AIDS, leukemia, and other widely known diseases are but few of those sicknesses benefitted by this medical cannabis.

Researchers around the world have recognized the benefits of this unconventional treatment and this has been proven safe and effective to cure multiple health problems. Medical researchers found out that medical marijuana has this substance that could actually helps cure even deadly diseases.

THC, a substance that can be found in cannabis plant, is very good in blocking cancer cells to spread all over the body, thus, preventing it to become malignant. Cancer patients used to smoke dried buds before and after their chemo therapy sessions, and they felt relieved in doing so. AIDS patients, meanwhile, try to sniff marijuana leaves, thinking that sniffing it would help them lessen the pain they felt inside.

But you have to understand that this medical marijuana isn’t legally accepted in the whole of Sacramento. It is legalized by the state department but the federal government is still against the idea of legalizing it though. Now, I want to tell you how to look for the best Medical Cannabis Dispensary in the region. You may check them out below;

Check out the credibility of the dispensary – Look for recognition from the people, if you think your target dispensary receives recognition from various people, prominent or not, then you are in good hands.

See to it that they have the proper documentations to operate – A responsible business owner would see to it that his establishment follows the law and don’t defy what the law says about. If you are looking for a very reliable dispensary, make sure you check out their permits and other government issued license just to make sure that you are not being fooled by fly by night business entities.

Affordability – Apart from the credibility and reliability, you also need to recognize if the dispensary sells affordable medical cannabis or not. Make sure that what you are buying is worth the money to avoid complaining in the long run. Ask for price list from your target dispensaries and then compare. Once you have done it, choose the best one that suits your lifestyle very well…

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Juicy Fruit Weed Review

I recently got my hands on bag of some fairly nice Juicy Fruit weed. This is truly a great strain of marijuana. A hybrid bred from the noble heritage of Afghan Kush (Indica), and Tai (Sativa).

juicy fruit weedThis is some Pretty Bud

The Juicy Fruit weed buds are a beautiful mixture of green hues with a touch of purples, plenty of orange hairs, and a sugary coating of crystals. The buds themselves are not super dense, but they are not fluffy either. They are firm, but easily broken apart. The Juicy Fruit marijuana strain has a pleasant tropical smell. Berries and a hint of pina colada fill out the strong aromas of the bud.

Having a Bowl of Juicy Fruit

Much like it looks, the Juicy Fruit weed has flavors that are sweet and fruity. This strain of marijuana is potent, and a few hits will get you elevated. The sativa influence gives you a creative and wandering mind, while the indica relaxes your body. There is a slight underlying body buzz from the sativa as well. The Juicy Fruit weed has a great euphoric quality that, for some, makes it great at helping fight depression or anxiety.

This bud will also give you the munchies. That can be good for some, but for me, it is a serious drawback. Speaking of drawbacks, this juicy fruit weed also creates a very dry mouth and eyes.

Juicy-Fruit-Weed-3Overall Opinion of Juicy Fruit Weed

This is really a great strain of marijuana. It has all the uplifting qualities of an sativa, mixed with the relaxation of an indica. I believe the juicy fruit marijuana strain will always be a top choice for me.

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Adilas and Janefour20 Kiosk Form Strategic Partnership in Marijuana Industry

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) February 12, 2015

Adilas and Janefour20 proudly announces their partnership providing a seamless integrated POS and kiosk compliance solution for the evolving marijuana dispensary business.

Adilas currently provides turnkey data management systems to hundreds of dispensaries nationwide.

Janefour20’s Customer Facing Kiosk and Patent Pending Mobile App Solution with the Adilas Backend infrastructure provides a fast and simple buying process for consumers while eliminating the cash handling process by dispensary personnel. By handling all transactions through a self-service kiosk along with mobile pre-ordering, transactions times are faster and waiting lines shorter, resulting in more satisfied customers and increased bottom lines.

Adilas has completed the integration of POS and various Business Functions with Janefour20 including rigorous testing to ensure excellent uptime and field reliability. The fusion of the Adilas platform with Janefour20’s kiosk, mobile app and website portal creates a complete, secure cashless environment for dispensaries, improving the overall consumer experience, while also providing an efficient and compliant infrastructure to run a successful business.

“As the marijuana industry evolves and compliance becomes more of an issue each day, dispensaries need a seamless solution they can rely on for successful business operations, as well as the ability to protect their investments and prepare for effective banking relationships.” said Janefour20 CEO David Ellerstein. “We value the excellent reputation that Adilas has in the industry, and together we endeavor to become the model for excellence in dispensary efficiencies nationwide.”

“A cashless environment for dispensary owners is critical for maintaining safety, security and overall compliance for future banking,” said Stephen Berkenkotter, CEO, Adilas. “Our experience and observations within our dispensary clientele constantly reveal the struggles they currently face. The Adilas- Janefour20 solution will provide the efficiency and security so badly needed in dispensaries. I am impressed by the strength and qualifications of the Janefour20 Management and Technical team, and look forward to strengthening our combined forces.”

About Adilas

Adilas is a successful data tracking company handling data in all forms. Their namesake denotes “All Data Is LIVE And Searchable.” Adilas’ cloud-based solutions have been used successfully by thousands of customers since 2001. They provide a complete data management system for dispensaries including POS, ERP, eCommerce, production ordering, accounting, payroll, paperless office and much more, virtually and effectively managing all aspects of business operations.

About Janefour20

JaneFour20 is an advanced financial technology services company with over 30 years in payment processing, risk and fraud management. JaneFour20 kiosks provide secure and effective financial services solutions by reducing transaction time and cost while maximizing revenue, profit and loyalty. JaneFour20 kiosks are built on a flexible architecture that allows rapid development and deployment of unique solutions, such as industry specific compliance requirements.


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2014 Cannabis Cup Set to Be Biggest Yet, as High Times and the BIG Industry Show Join Forces in Colorado

2014 Cannabis Cup Set to Be Biggest Yet, as High Times and the BIG Industry Show Join Forces in Colorado (via PR Newswire)

BIG Industry Show – image 1. (PRNewsFoto/BIG Industry Show) DENVER, March 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — This year’s High Times US Cannabis Cup is attracting even more excitement than usual, as the world watches the unfolding story of Colorado becoming the…

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Making Use of Medicinal Marijuana In California

california medical marijuana

Medical MarijuanaThe people of California are quite lucky as the use of the marijuana for medicinal purposes have been legalized in the state. However, the laws surrounding medicinal marijuana California are quite stringent and there are strict restrictions as to who may possess the substance for medicinal purposes. There are also restrictions on who can buy, cultivate and transport medical marijuana.

According to the MMPA or Medical Marijuana Program Act and Proposition 215, only patients who have been qualified to possess and make use of marijuana can do so. It is important for the patient to acquire a written recommendation from a licensed physician stating that the patient has a serious illness for which medical marijuana is recommended. Patients who qualify to make use of this substance for its healing purposes can buy marijuana from a marijuana dispensary in California.

Laws related to medicinal marijuana California also dictates the amount of marijuana a patient can have in his or her possession. According to Proposition 215, this amount can be what is deemed to be reasonably related to the patient’s medical needs. However, under the MMPA, quantity that is allowed is eight ounces when dried. The patient can also have 6 mature plants of the substance or 12 immature plants.

Medicinal marijuana is used for a number of conditions in California. Some of these conditions include:

– Anorexia
– Cachexia
– Migraine
– Glaucoma
– Cancer
– Seizure including those which are associated with epilepsy
– Persistent muscle spasms
– Severe nausea and other chronic conditions

California was the first state to legalize the use of this substance in the US. It had issued the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 which states that a person has the legal rights to make use of cannabis if it can be established that his medical conditions requires him to do so. It is believed that marijuana has healing properties and can help people get relief from debilitating medical conditions. After marijuana was legalized in California, 13 other states in the US had made use of the substance legal for medical patients on the recommendation of licensed physicians.

Find out more information about medical marijuana and how you can benefit from it.

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What The American Medical Association Has to say about Medical Marijuana

ama supports medical marijuana

medical-marijuana-budThe American Medical Association, which is the largest doctors’ organization in the USA, has reconsidered its position towards marijuana and currently supports exploration and medical research on marijuana for medicinal use. On Tuesday, the group has persuaded the federal government to re-evaluate its controlled substance categorization of marijuana in Schedule I, which unfairly maligns the plant alongside with some of the most hazardous narcotic substances, such as LSD and heroin.

AMA officer of board, Dr. Edward Langston specifies that just a least number of controlled, casual tests have ever been maintained on ingested marijuana in spite of medical research in by marijuana doctors and other experts, which encompasses more than thirty years. As for now, the group encourages new researches on marijuana’s effectiveness in spite of its support for the classification of marijuana in Schedule I, since 1997, because more and more marijuana doctors appear over time.

This year, Obama’s administration has also ordered federal narcotics agents to stop prosecuting people who use and distribute marijuana (including medical marijuana doctors) in the states that have legalized it, which indicated an alteration of the course from past administrations’ stringent opposition to the use of medical marijuana, even for people that have marijuana cards in the states that have legalized the plant for medical use. At the moment, fourteen states lawfully permit the use of medical marijuana and around twelve other states have started to think about doing so. The American Medical Association is interested in study, which takes in account alternative methods of using marijuana, apart from therapeutically smoking it. Lawyers for medical marijuana speak about other helpful modes of medical marijuana use, involving the THC-rich cannabis oil extraction, which is claimed to be able to heal cancer patients. Today, no one is persecuted for the use of cannabis if a legal medical marijuana card is present.

The reaction of the federal government to the AMA’s stance has been pretty silent in spite of loosened federal prosecution of medical marijuana use and medical marijuana clinic workers. DEA – the Drug Enforcement Administration – repeated the status of marijuana as a Schedule I substance and the FDA – Food and Drug Administration – refused to give any commentaries on the situation. The American Medical Association was one of the sole groups to object the first federal limitation on cannabis, which were established back in 1937. It still persists to decline casual idea that marijuana is a myth, in spite of its past support of Schedule I narcotic classification. The organization even objected an offered amendment, which would have settled its managerial policies in resistance to ingested marijuana as a safe way of use for marijuana treatment. In fact almost any marijuana clinic provides edible products of medical marijuana for patients with marijuana cards.

medical marijuanaMarijuana support groups are joyous about the new stance of the AMA and the extending change of attitude towards marijuana and everything related to it – marijuana doctors, marijuana clinics, etc. While federal administration still resists against the marijuana legalization, referring to the FDA consideration in objection to its secure use as medicine, popular belief persists to change in favor of further study and medical use of marijuana. Last year, the second largest doctor group, the American College of Physicians has uttered similar support for improved research and reassessment of marijuana. Also, the California Medical Association passed its own opinions that referred to marijuana criminalization as a “failed public health policy.”

The moods are changing towards frank research of the marijuana benefits. The attraction for further proof-based study by acknowledged medicinal organizations is a step in the proper direction on the way to legalizing medical marijuana for legal and safe medicinal purposes

Amelia Simpson is from USA. She is graduate in English from California. She has 4 years of good experience in content writing. she has written many articles and news on many Domains. Currently she is writing mainly for Medical Marijuana Card [], Medical Marijuana license [] and MMJ card.

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'This Week': Marijuana in Colorado

ABC’s Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser examines Colorado’s legalization of marijuana.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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A Brief History of Sacramento Medical Marijuana

medical marijuana

medical marijuanaAccording to history books, during the late years of 1970’s, cannabis patient named Mr. Robert Randall sued the federal government for arresting him for using medicinal cannabis to treat his glaucoma. He won the case and with this, the presiding judge ruled that Randall should use cannabis for health purposes and required the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to set up a program to allow cultivating, growing, purchasing and even selling cannabis.

The judge asked the FDA to allow growing this cannabis on a farm at the University of Mississippi and to distribute 300 cannabis cigarettes a month to Randall. Meanwhile, after several years, in 1992 to be exact, US President George H. W. Bush put an end to the program after the patient, Mr. Randall tried to make AIDS patients qualified for the said program as well.

Initially, there are thirteen people were already enrolled and were allowed to continue sniffing medical cannabis cigarettes to cure their medical conditions, then few years later, the US government just shipped medical cannabis cigarettes to merely seven medicinal cannabis patients. One cannabis patient named, Mr. Irvin Rosenfeld, who during those years has received medical cannabis attention from the program since 1982 to treat his rare bone tumors, urged the George W. Bush administration to reopen the program; however, in the end he was not successful though.

During those times, the state of Alaska is the only state in the United States where possession of up to one ounce is legal. Sacramento back then was not allowed to use this medical cannabis even as an alternative medicine to cure diseases.

joints prescription bottleMedical experts in Sacramento cited the dangers of cannabis even for medical purposes. They added that the lack of clinical research supporting its medicinal value to heal various medical conditions. Meanwhile, the American Society of Addiction Medicine (SAM) in March 2011 issued a white paper recommending a halt to using marijuana as a medicine in US states where it has been declared legal. But medical patients in the Sacramento region, who has been cured by this medical cannabis, beg to disagree about the proposal done by the (SAM). Medical cannabis patients defend the benefits they get through this medical cannabis, and they would rally behind the full legalization of this alternative medicine to cure their health problems.

During Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reign as the Governor of California, medical cannabis has given so much attention. He prioritized the legalization of this alternative medicine to help medical patients who are looking for alternative treatment to cure their medical conditions.

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