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Master Kush Marijuana Review

Master Kush Cannabis

master-kush-4Classic Cannabis – Master Kush

Now I have reviewed Master Bubba Kush on this site before.  And I have reviewed one half if it’s lineage with my review on Bubba Kush. Now here is the other half of that superb Cannabis breeding family… The Master Kush *Cannabis Cup Winner in 1992 & 1993.

Master Kush is itself a hybrid of Hindu Kush and Skunk, and boy does that skunky-ness come through.  This is some stinky weed. You get a bit used to it if you are in it, but if you smoke a bowl in a closed room, leave for a while and come back… oh boy is it skunky.

A Visual Inspection of The Master Kush

Unfortunately for me, the dispensary that I picked this Master Kush up from was almost out.  The nice big buds where gone, and I was left to get the little scraps from the bottom of the bin (for a discount). Even so, the little buds are great bowl size, and are still nicely coated in crystals. The bud has an earthy green color with plentiful orange hairs.

master-kush-13Master Kush – How It Smokes

Despite the skunky aroma, the Master Kush has a very smooth taste. It is Earthy, smoky, and Sweet.  Like a burnt marshmallow in a pine forest.

The effects  of the Master Kush hit you hard. If you had a million things on your mind, they are gone. Anxiety is released. The muscle relaxation is also very strong on this one. There is a creative energy, but you are almost to relaxed to act on it.

master-kush-25Wrap it Up

Ultimately I would say that the Master Kush is a great strain of Marijuana to use if you have high anxiety, and trouble focusing. It would probably also be good for people who can not sleep due to muscle aches and pains. (*Consult your own Dr. I am not a physician… just a toker)

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Herojuana OG Marijuana Review

Herojuana OG Marijuana

herojuana-7Herojuana OG Indica Dominant Marijuana Strain

What can I say about Herojuana. I guess I should start by saying this is hybrid of a Kentucky Sativa (reportedly found growing in the wild), and an Afgani Indica from Humbolt County. The Herojuana OG Marijuana strain is known for being a very strong strain.

I found this lovely batch of Herojuana Cannabis at The Healing Touch: a dispensary in Los Angeles’s beautiful San Fernando Valley (Ghostbusters reference intended)


First Impresions: Herojuana OG marijuana Strain

herojuana-3Herojuana OG has some very nice looking buds. The buds are nicely frosted, and teaming with orange hairs. These are some dense and sticky buds my friend, dense and sticky.

The aroma of Herojuana OG Marijuana is very pleasing. It smells like berries, and citrus… but more like a fake berries and citrus air freshener. There is something off about it.

The flavor of the Herojuana OG is strong, but smooth. It tasted a bit metallic, and maybe a bit pepper-y.


How it Works: Herojuana OG Marijuana

herojuana-11Herojuana OG (as it’s name might imply) is a strong, couch lock, body numbing, mind clearing, “hey man, what?” type of weed.

Anxiety? Gone. Aches & Pains? Gone. Insomnia? Gone.

This strain smacks you quick, and then continues to creep up on you for a few minutes. As a result, it is easy to over-medicate. There is also a strong cotton mouth and red-eye that comes with this cannabis strain, so be prepared for that.

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Purple Maui Marijuana – Strain Review

Purple Maui Marijuana

Purple Maui Marijuana BudsPurple Maui Marijuana Review

Ahh Maui. The beautiful beaches, the pretty flowers and the gorgeous locals. (Yes, I mean You). Hawaii is an iconic tropical paradise known for it’s beauty, just as Maui Wowi is an iconic strain of marijuana.

While on a recent trip to the Medical Marijuana dispensary, I saw they had Purple Maui Marijuana in stock. Who could resist? This seems like a cross between Blueberry, and Maui Wowi.

First Impressions: Purple Maui

The aroma of the Purple Maui Marijuana is subtle. It has a slightly sweet, slightly pine scent. The buds are a real knockout. The have beautiful purples, rich oranges, and vibrant greens. This is really a pretty bud.

purple maui cannabis budThe blueberry really shines through in the flavor of the Purple Maui Marijuana. This cannabis strain tastes like a blueberry muffin… a hash-y blueberry muffin (trust me on this, I just made blueberry muffins the other day). The smoke is very smooth, and the exhale has a bit of a smoked mesquite flavor. (a bit desert before dinner, but hey… I’m cool with that)

How it Feels

purple-maui-16The Purple Maui Marijuana has a nice happy head high It focuses you in, but cheerfully. I also found that this lovely hybrid strain of cannabis has a nice peppy body buzz. It relieved muscle soreness and promoted movement.  There is no couch lock here my friends. If you want a good bud that will relieve soreness, focus you onto your task, and be there for you while you get it done, the Purple Maui is the one for you. this is a good bud, and one that I will be keeping an eye out for in the future.

Oh what can be said of this beautiful thing from Hawaii. I long to stare aimlessly at it’s beauty. to breathe in it’s intoxicating aromas, to taste it on my tongue, and feel it becoming one with me…


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Chernobyl Marijuana Strain – Review

Chernobyl Marijuana Strain

Chernobyl Marijuana Strain

chernobyl-10I picked up this Chernobyl from the “budget” section of my local dispensary. It may not be the best example of this strain. (I have already found a seed in it… but I consider that a gift). The dispensary had it marked as an Indica, but judging from its effects, and what I have read elsewhere online (here, here, and here), it is a hybrid.

First Impressions

The Chernobyl Marijuana does not smell like cannabis. It has an earthy, spicy, lemon zest kinda smell to it. The flavor is also a bit unconventional. it is sweet. like Sprite.

Where it gets interesting

chernobyl-11This particular plant being called a Chernobyl Marijuana Strain is showing the signs of a sativa. There is an energetic feel, and a certain amount of freeflow creativity about the effects. However, there is also a strong indica feel as well. There is a strong relaxation, and mental focus.

The information I have read about the Chernobyl Marijuana Strain from the sites mentioned above put it as being more sativa dominant, and this bud I have here is more indica dominant. It would seem there may have been some pollen crossing with a more indica strain and this particular plant. (Which I suspect is why it was in the “discount bin”).


At the end of the day, this Chernobyl Marijuana did what it was advertised to do, did it well, and did it at a great price. So I guess I can’t complain that it may not have been a true Chernobyl. Maybe, if I get around to planting this seed, I will have to call that plant the “Kiev Train Wreck”… In honor of it not being a true Chernobyl.


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Blueberry Pie Marijuana – Cannabis Strain Review

blueberry pie weed

blueberry pie weedI’ll admit it. I like Blueberry weed. You can probably tell from my review on Blueberry Cookie, or maybe the review of the Blueberry Kush. So when I saw this Blueberry Pie Marijuana, well I had to try some. From what I’ve been able to gather, the Blueberry Pie Marijuana strain is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookie and Blue Dream.

Blueberry Pie Marijuana – The Buds

These are awesome looking buds. There is a deep purple to some leaves mixed in with the greens, and an abundance of orange hairs. All of this is topped with a nice dusting of crystals. The buds have a very nice blueberry scent to them.

blueberry pie marijuanaThe Flavor of Blueberry Pie Marijuana

This bud tastes amazing! The smoke is rich and smooth, not harsh at all. The flavor is something else, It is almost like milk chocolate covered blueberries. Creamy, smooth, and sweet. The exhale is fruity and long lasting.

What it Does

The Blueberry Pie Marijuana that I am reviewing for this Cannabis strain review (yours may differ due to growing conditions, or other variables), has a very heavy body effect. It really is a heavy feeling on the muscles giving a good “couch lock”. Yet oddly, there is that sativa body tingle underneath.  Similarly, The head effects have both the mind clearing, and focus of an indica, and a sense of “hyper awareness” that you get from a sativa. Both happy, and contemplative at the same time.

blueberry pie cannabisFinal Thoughts

Overall, I really Like the Blueberry Pie Marijuana. It has an amazing flavor, good muscle relaxation effects, yet still pushes you to want to be active. It gives you a different perspective, and the focus to follow it. This is a good medicine for depression, writers block, aches and pains


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Amsterdam OG – Marijuana Review


Amsterdam OG Indica Dominant Marijuana Strain

When I was growing up, Amsterdam was the focal point of the stoners dreams. A “promised land” so to speak. A place where you could buy weed in a store. A place where you could sit in a “coffee shop” and smoke weed. Well these days, There are more and more places that will let you buy marijuana legally, and at the rate we are going, I see marijuana becoming legal in the United States in the next decade. Yet, for me, the fascination remains. The mythical land across the sea. Filled with tulips, windmills and marijuana: Amsterdam.

Needless to say, when I was recently at my local dispensary and saw that they had Amsterdam OG Marijuana in stock, I had to give it a try.

Amsterdam OG MarijuanaAmsterdam OG: The Bud

The Amsterdam OG has a nice dense bud. The batch that I picked up has an earthy green color with ample trichomes, and abundance of orange hairs. It has a bit of a forest-y smell. Not overpowering at all. What really sets the Amsterdam OG Marijuana strain apart from its brethren is the taste. Not piney, or skunky, yet not fruity either, The Amsterdam OG has a very silky smooth taste that is hard to describe.

Amsterdam OG: The Effect

Amsterdam OG Weed Bowl

Amsterdam OG is a strong Indica Dominant strain of marijuana. The effects are felt from head to toe. There is a calming relaxation to it that will help relieve minor aches and pains as well as ease muscle tension brought on by injury or stress. It also seems to be a bit of a giggler, so if you don’t like laughing, feeling good, or being relaxed then stay away from Amsterdam OG.

For the rest of us, this is a great bud for relaxing after work with a movie, or friends.


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Black Mamba Marijuana Review

Black Mamba Marijuana Bud

Black Mamba Marijuana: Damn That’s some Dark ass Bud

Black Mamba WeedI stopped by my local weed store to pick up some bud, and was shown this Black Mamba Weed. I had never seen bud this dark in person, and had to try it. A few weeks ago I did a review on the Royal Purple Marijuana. In doing a bit of research for that article, I came across an article about growing Black Afghani (a parent strain to Royal Purple, and possibly this Black Mamba). That article had noted that feeding the plant with ice cold water in the days leading up to harvest would result in these dark purple leaves.

Now of course I had seen a few purple leaves in my bud before… But this Black Mamba Marijuana was very very dark indeed. I had to try it.

First Impressions

ground black mamba marijuanaThe Black Mamba Marijuana has an amazing fragrance. This is not “skunky”, it doesn’t smell like “baby poop”. No sir, This stuff smells like… like… Easter. That is to say it smells like candy and lawn clippings. It has a very sweet smell. I want to say that i can remember that smell from a candy store when i was a child. Maybe Taffy?

The surprises keep coming with the Black Mamba Marijuana! The taste is unique. It has a charcoal sweetness to it. almost like a good barbecue. The smoke is heavy, and the effects are fast acting.

Black Mamba Weed Strikes! (or Hits)

bowl of black mamba marijuanaThe Black Mamba Marijuana got it’s name from the deadly snake (or maybe from Kill Bill…). Either way, you know it will kick your ass. This is a strong indica. It is great for pain relief with a very heavy muscle relaxation. It will also clear any stress from your mind, and help you sleep like a baby.


The Black Mamba Weed has several great surprises in store for you. It has a unique look, smell, and flavor. It is also a very potent pain reliever, and sleep aid. This may be one of my new favorite strains.


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Royal Purple Kush – Marijuana Review

Royal Purple Kush – Indica Dominant Hybrid

Royal Purple Kush BudsThe Royal Purple Kush is one of those strains of marijuana that was bred for taste. It combines the sweetness of the Black Afghani with the peppery accents and fruity taste of the Bubba Kush. But don’t think your missing out on anything to get the better taste. This bud packs quite the punch.

The Royal Purple Kush has beautiful large buds teaming with orange hairs. The deep purples and greens in the bud are heavily coated in crystals. The bud is spongey, and very sticky with a pine aroma and a hint of something else I can’t quite put my finger on… maybe cheerios?

Lighting up the Royal Purple Kush

royal purple kush and grinderSo the taste is amazing, we covered that. The Royal Purple Kush has a sweet, pepper taste that really has to be enjoyed to be appreciated. The smoke is rich, and full. The exhale is thick and musky.

The Effects

The Royal Purple Kush doesn’t mess around. Its effects hit pretty quickly, and pretty hard. That is not to say that this is a couch lock. Although the Indica dominance in the Royal Purple Kush will quickly clear your mind and make your eyelids a bit heavier, the frosted (…errr Sativa) side gives a hearty body buzz.


bowl of royal purple kushThe Royal Purple Kush is a great bud for everything from chores to playing video games. The body buzz will keep you moving, while the head high will focus you in on your goal. All of that in a delightfully flavored package. If your local weed store starts stocking Royal Purple Kush, you should give it a try.


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Blueberry Cookie Weed – Marijuana Review

Blueberry cookie marijuana

Blueberry Cookie Marijuana BudsBlueberry Cookie Weed – Marijuana Review

Blueberry Cookie marijuana seems to be a hybrid of Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookie. Blueberry originated in California in the 1970’s-80’s as a strain developed by infamous grower DJ Short. (there is a great article on the development of Blueberry over at Girlscout Cookies was developed in Florida in the mid 1990’s and has developed a following of it’s own. (You can read more about GSK over at

marijuana grinderBlueberry Cookie Weed – First Impressions

The buds of the Blueberry Cookie are large and dense with an even coating of crystals. The aroma has strong blueberry tones, with underlying hints of lemon Pinesol. The inhale is very smooth with sweet tastes of blueberries and hints of peppery spice. The smoke is expansive, and can give you a bit of a cough if you are not careful. The exhale has hints of pastries, and a thick varnishy feel that leaves you licking your lips.

blueberry-cookie-28Blueberry Cookie Weed – The Effects

The Blueberry Cookie weed is a fast acting muscle relaxer. By the time I was done smoking a bowl, I was melted into the couch. If you have muscle soreness due to fatigue, anxiety, whatever, this is great medicine for you. Once the body effects take a hold, you can feel the mental effects slowly wash away the anxiety and restlessness of the mind.

If you manage to stay awake through the initial relaxation phases of the blueberry cookie weed, you will find a nice creative momentum that follows.

Blueberry Cookie Weed – Final Thoughts

I hadn’t seen this strain before my visit to this new shop on Ventura blvd. I usually stay away from odd strains unless I am at a trusted shop, (for some reason I always assume it is just someone growing in their closet from whatever seeds they collected, and are making up whatever name they want…) but who can say no to a mixture of blueberry and girlscout cookie? I am glad a tried this Blueberry Cookie weed. It does seem to be true to it’s namesakes, and was a very tasty choice indeed.


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Butter OG – Marijuana Review

Butter OG - Bud Close-up

Butter OG budsButter OG – Indica Dominant – Review

Butter OG is is an Indica Dominant strain with some great brain clearing and muscle relaxation qualities. If you are stressed, sore, and can’t sleep; this would be good for you. It quickly clears the mind, and relives tension across the body. All while giving you a chuckle.

This wonderful bud called the Butter OG  has a fruity scent with a hint of cat pee. The smoke is light, and a little bit expansive. There is a slightly sweet taste, and an actual bit of butter aftertaste. The body effects start to come over you quickly, and before you realize it, your eyes are half closed.

Butter OG – The Effect

Butter OG-17The Butter OG has a great overall effect. The muscle relaxation across the body is heavy, This bud will quickly clear your head, and it is a bit of a giggly bud. It is one of those strains that makes everything a bit funnier.

The Butter OG is a nice Holiday bud. It relaxes everything, and actually gives you the impression that you are funny and sociable (and will probably make you a bit more of each then that extra glass of eggnog would have). For some strange reason, that butter aftertaste reminds me of popcorn and cold winter nights by the fireplace.

a pipe load of Butter OG

Butter OG – Final Thoughts

We all have those days that we don’t want to be sociable. We are sore, and maybe a little grouchy. You don’t have to be like that… a bowl of Butter OG will set you straight. A couple hits to the head, and the pain goes away. What’s that? You just thought of something funny to add to the conversation? go right ahead.

Strain Brain has a nice little right up about the Butter OG over here if you are interested in reading more.

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