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Juicy Fruit Weed Review

I recently got my hands on bag of some fairly nice Juicy Fruit weed. This is truly a great strain of marijuana. A hybrid bred from the noble heritage of Afghan Kush (Indica), and Tai (Sativa).

juicy fruit weedThis is some Pretty Bud

The Juicy Fruit weed buds are a beautiful mixture of green hues with a touch of purples, plenty of orange hairs, and a sugary coating of crystals. The buds themselves are not super dense, but they are not fluffy either. They are firm, but easily broken apart. The Juicy Fruit marijuana strain has a pleasant tropical smell. Berries and a hint of pina colada fill out the strong aromas of the bud.

Having a Bowl of Juicy Fruit

Much like it looks, the Juicy Fruit weed has flavors that are sweet and fruity. This strain of marijuana is potent, and a few hits will get you elevated. The sativa influence gives you a creative and wandering mind, while the indica relaxes your body. There is a slight underlying body buzz from the sativa as well. The Juicy Fruit weed has a great euphoric quality that, for some, makes it great at helping fight depression or anxiety.

This bud will also give you the munchies. That can be good for some, but for me, it is a serious drawback. Speaking of drawbacks, this juicy fruit weed also creates a very dry mouth and eyes.

Juicy-Fruit-Weed-3Overall Opinion of Juicy Fruit Weed

This is really a great strain of marijuana. It has all the uplifting qualities of an sativa, mixed with the relaxation of an indica. I believe the juicy fruit marijuana strain will always be a top choice for me.

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Royal Purple Kush – Marijuana Review

Royal Purple Kush – Indica Dominant Hybrid

Royal Purple Kush BudsThe Royal Purple Kush is one of those strains of marijuana that was bred for taste. It combines the sweetness of the Black Afghani with the peppery accents and fruity taste of the Bubba Kush. But don’t think your missing out on anything to get the better taste. This bud packs quite the punch.

The Royal Purple Kush has beautiful large buds teaming with orange hairs. The deep purples and greens in the bud are heavily coated in crystals. The bud is spongey, and very sticky with a pine aroma and a hint of something else I can’t quite put my finger on… maybe cheerios?

Lighting up the Royal Purple Kush

royal purple kush and grinderSo the taste is amazing, we covered that. The Royal Purple Kush has a sweet, pepper taste that really has to be enjoyed to be appreciated. The smoke is rich, and full. The exhale is thick and musky.

The Effects

The Royal Purple Kush doesn’t mess around. Its effects hit pretty quickly, and pretty hard. That is not to say that this is a couch lock. Although the Indica dominance in the Royal Purple Kush will quickly clear your mind and make your eyelids a bit heavier, the frosted (…errr Sativa) side gives a hearty body buzz.


bowl of royal purple kushThe Royal Purple Kush is a great bud for everything from chores to playing video games. The body buzz will keep you moving, while the head high will focus you in on your goal. All of that in a delightfully flavored package. If your local weed store starts stocking Royal Purple Kush, you should give it a try.


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Butter OG – Marijuana Review

Butter OG - Bud Close-up

Butter OG budsButter OG – Indica Dominant – Review

Butter OG is is an Indica Dominant strain with some great brain clearing and muscle relaxation qualities. If you are stressed, sore, and can’t sleep; this would be good for you. It quickly clears the mind, and relives tension across the body. All while giving you a chuckle.

This wonderful bud called the Butter OG  has a fruity scent with a hint of cat pee. The smoke is light, and a little bit expansive. There is a slightly sweet taste, and an actual bit of butter aftertaste. The body effects start to come over you quickly, and before you realize it, your eyes are half closed.

Butter OG – The Effect

Butter OG-17The Butter OG has a great overall effect. The muscle relaxation across the body is heavy, This bud will quickly clear your head, and it is a bit of a giggly bud. It is one of those strains that makes everything a bit funnier.

The Butter OG is a nice Holiday bud. It relaxes everything, and actually gives you the impression that you are funny and sociable (and will probably make you a bit more of each then that extra glass of eggnog would have). For some strange reason, that butter aftertaste reminds me of popcorn and cold winter nights by the fireplace.

a pipe load of Butter OG

Butter OG – Final Thoughts

We all have those days that we don’t want to be sociable. We are sore, and maybe a little grouchy. You don’t have to be like that… a bowl of Butter OG will set you straight. A couple hits to the head, and the pain goes away. What’s that? You just thought of something funny to add to the conversation? go right ahead.

Strain Brain has a nice little right up about the Butter OG over here if you are interested in reading more.

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Master Bubba Kush (MBK) – Marijuana Review


Master Bubba Kush (MBK)

Master Bubba Kush is technically a hybrid, but don’t let that fool you. This hybrid is Indica Dominant. When I say dominant… I mean that chick from Genitorturers dominant. This stuff hits hard and locks you to the couch. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The Master Bubba Kush isn’t a weed that announces itself. Although the fragrance is obvious weed, there is enough earthy hints that it not just overpowering skunk. Sitting in a closed container on my desk, I can’t smell it at all, but popping the top unleashes an earthy fragrance with subtle hints of skunk.

Master-Bubba-18The buds on this Master Bubba Kush are a nice size with a pretty firm density. The are a light green with orange hairs. There is a nice coating of crystals giving the bud a frosted look.

The Master Bubba Kush has a clean taste on the inhale with an earthy, and maybe a bit sweet exhale.

The Master Bubba Kush is a cross between the Master Kush, and the Bubba Kush. Much like it’s brother bubba, the Master Bubba Kush hits hard and fast. This is a great strain if you suffer from insomnia. This will have you sleeping like a baby in no time. In no time at all this strain will clear your mind. The body effects are heavy, and will quickly relieve soreness.

On a down side, the Master Bubba Kush may not be the best medicine for you if you… have stuff to do.

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Bubba Kush | Marijuana Review

Bubba Kush – Indica Dominant Hybrid Marijuana Review

Bubba-Kush-3Bubba Kush has always been a favorite of mine, and I get excited when I see it in the shop.  Maybe it is because I am a Florida boy, and we always knew the best bud (in those days in Florida) came from Gainesville, and, according to High Times, so does Bubba Kush. Leafly suggests Bubba Kush is a hybrid of Bubble Gum, and Kush

The fragrance of Bubba Kush is subtle yet definitive. There is no denying this skunky, sweet herb. Yet you are not broadcasting that you have it to the whole world. Like many aspects of this strain, It is just strong enough, yet just subtle enough.

Bubba-Kush-13Bubba Kush Buds

The Bubba Kush buds are large. Not huge, but larger then average. They have a nice coating of crystals and are teeming with orange hairs. The buds have a medium density, and are just slightly sticky.

The smoke is light and sweet with a bit of a spicy edge. The effects do not take long to materialize. You quickly begin to feel the head effects as the body effects slowly come over you.

Bubba Kush is the type of weed the slams you at the beginning, but lets up quickly. Kind of like your cousin Bubba that see you, chases you down, and right as you are trying desperately to remember what you need to apologize for, he starts laughing at you.

Bubba-Kush-22Bubba Kush – Final Thoughts

This is a really nice strain for those day where you have a stressful morning. You smoke a bowl of Bubba Kush, clear the stress, relax the body… Then you make some lunch (because oh yes… it will give you the munchies), and then you go about the rest of your day.

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Mad Love Marijuana – Indica Dominant Hybrid

Mad-Love-budsI have a strong suspicion that this Mad Love Marijuana is a rebranding of another strain. I picked it up from The Healing Touch, and their slogan is “We Show Mad Love”. I would like to know what it really is because it is pretty good.

The buds have a nice density and are very sticky. There is a good amount of crystals, and deep red hairs running throughout.

There is a rich peppery fragrance with a hint of skunk.

Mad-Love-GrinderThe bud sticks a bit in the grinder, but overall grinds up nicely into pieces that will stick to your finger tips.

I tried this with the old steamroller, and boy did it hit like a.., well, like a steamroller. The pepper from the fragrance is prominent in the taste. However, after a couple of hits of this, you won’t be thinking about the taste. This is a great strain for anxiety relief as it very quickly clears your head.

After the first wave of Mad Love’s Indica hits you, the Sativa creeps in and gives you a nice muscle relaxer type looseness. If you are the type the gets very sore and tense when you are stressed, this might be the bud for you.  The body high is smooth and slowly tapers away.

Mad-Love-Steamroller-1There also seems to be an artistic streak that runs in this bud. It has inspired me to shoot these great “Weed Porn” images that you see on this page. I believe this particular buds ability to clear your mind, and relax your body gives it particular inkling toward artistic endeavors.

If you are out by Encino, I would suggest swinging by THT at 18013 Ventura Blvd. #A and trying this out. They have pretty good specials, and gifts, a friendly staff, and a great selection. (and I’m not just saying that because they are within walking distance to me…)