Southern Blue Dream-3Blue Dream Marijuana is a 50/50 hybrid mix of Blueberry Indica and Silver Haze Sativa. The Buds are a dark green with a generous supply of crystals throughout. Plentiful orange hairs and the occasional dark blue leaf finish off the bud. The Blue Dream Marijuana strain has a sweet berry smell, almost like the berry flavored breakfast cereal that you’ll want to chow down on after smoking a bit to much of it. (I’m talking to you BooBerry).

Blue Dream Marijuana – The Smoke

Taking a hit from the Blue Dream Marijuana you can immediately taste the blueberry heritage of this strain. The complex flavors are heavy. The thick smoke is filled with the sweet hints of berries. This cannabis strain is truly a pleasure to smoke.

blue dream marijuanaHow it Works

Fast acting, the Blue Dream Marijuana strain quickly brings you into the indica head high while keeping you from melting into the couch with a strong sativa body buzz. This strain of weed is well suited to people who need to medicate, yet still need to get things done. This is a very uplifting cannabis strain that serves both recreational users, as well as alleviates depression, and anxiety.

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Blue Dream Marijuana Review
Blue Dream is a well balanced hybrid that will ease your mind, and keep you moving on your way
body buzz89%
head high76%
Fast Acting92%
  • smells great
  • fast acting
  • well balanced
  • munchies
  • dry eyes
  • coton mouth
85%Overall Score
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