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Alaska ThunderFuck – Hybrid Marijuana Review

Frugal Toking

Alaska-Thunder-Fuck-10I’m never one to pass up a good deal. Especially on weed. Especially, especially on weed named Alaska ThunderFuck. Now don’t get me wrong, I know the game. This was a great deal because this wasn’t the best example of Alaska Thunderfuck out there. There weren’t nearly as many crystals as is normally seen on Alaska Thunderfuck, and the leaves were much darker. There are plentiful red hairs growing throughout the buds. The aroma was much more pine and chestnut. The texture was a bit dry. This particular batch has a lot of seeds in it also. (So much so, that I am sure you will be seeing a post about my homegrown Alaskan Thunderfuck within the year) But like I said, it was a great deal.

Alaska-Thunder-Fuck-21The taste is a warm pepper, with acidic hints of citrus in the aftertaste. The smoke is thick, and rich.

The effects of the Alaska Thunderfuck come at you quickly. This hybrid of the Alaska Thunderfuck has a very relaxing body effects, as well as a pretty heavy head effect.

This strain was bred for potency in a region known for growing vegetables of record-setting size. – Wikipedia

This was a great deal! Not the best representation of the strain, but incredibly affordable, and still very potent.