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Butter OG – Marijuana Review

Butter OG - Bud Close-up

Butter OG budsButter OG – Indica Dominant – Review

Butter OG is is an Indica Dominant strain with some great brain clearing and muscle relaxation qualities. If you are stressed, sore, and can’t sleep; this would be good for you. It quickly clears the mind, and relives tension across the body. All while giving you a chuckle.

This wonderful bud called the Butter OG  has a fruity scent with a hint of cat pee. The smoke is light, and a little bit expansive. There is a slightly sweet taste, and an actual bit of butter aftertaste. The body effects start to come over you quickly, and before you realize it, your eyes are half closed.

Butter OG – The Effect

Butter OG-17The Butter OG has a great overall effect. The muscle relaxation across the body is heavy, This bud will quickly clear your head, and it is a bit of a giggly bud. It is one of those strains that makes everything a bit funnier.

The Butter OG is a nice Holiday bud. It relaxes everything, and actually gives you the impression that you are funny and sociable (and will probably make you a bit more of each then that extra glass of eggnog would have). For some strange reason, that butter aftertaste reminds me of popcorn and cold winter nights by the fireplace.

a pipe load of Butter OG

Butter OG – Final Thoughts

We all have those days that we don’t want to be sociable. We are sore, and maybe a little grouchy. You don’t have to be like that… a bowl of Butter OG will set you straight. A couple hits to the head, and the pain goes away. What’s that? You just thought of something funny to add to the conversation? go right ahead.

Strain Brain has a nice little right up about the Butter OG over here if you are interested in reading more.

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