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HipVap Wax & Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

The HipVap Vaporizer is probably the newest portable dry herb and wax vaporizer but has quickly proved itself to be one of the best in its class. With its two year warranty and special low price, there is no reason not to pick it. The HipVap Vaporizer has a very discreet design that looks like a small flask. It is only 3.6” x 2.3” and weighs about half a pound. The temperature control on this portable dry herb vaporizer is very precise and goes in small intervals. The fact that the HipVap Vaporizer is a dual use vaporizer helps you not lugging around multiple vaporizers.

Temperature control setting

The HipVap Vaporizer shows itself to be great with its temperature control setting. It ranges from 150°F (302°C) to 430°F (220°C) and heats up within two minutes. It has an LCD display which shows the desired temperature you’re on. The temperature can be increased by intervals of two.

Dual Use Vaporizer

hipvapHave you ever wondered why you are carrying a portable dry herb vaporizer and a wax vape pen around in the same pocket? Well now you don’t have to worry because the HipVap Vaporizer comes with the ability to heat up both materials. This is why the temperature control setting is important since you’re not vaporizing the same dry herbs or concentrate waxes. It comes with two chambers to put them in, with one of them being an open chamber where you can fill up your ground up herbs in. Make sure they are finely ground so there will be an even heat distribution. For the concentrates, you will load up the concentrates on a white cotton wick that is provided and insert it into the chamber. Once either one of these are done, close the bottom door of the flask to begin heating it up to your desired temperature.

Battery Life

The battery life on the HipVap Vaporizer is incredibly good. With only a 2-3 hour charge up time, you can easily use the HipVap Vaporizer for a good 2.5 continuous hours. It comes with two non-replaceable 2.3V lithium-ion batteries.

Heating Element and Dry Herb/Wax Chamber

The dry herb and wax chamber on the HipVap Vaporizer is underneath a sliding door on the bottom of the portable vaporizer. As said before, make sure your herbs are finely ground up so it can get an even heat distribution. This not only ensures precise and better quality vapor but also a quicker heat up time. The chamber holds about 0.3 grams of herbs roughly.

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