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Decal___QR_code2Marijuana is now legal in more than 20 states across the USA and there has been an exponential rise in the usage of cannabis over the last few years. But despite this, it can still be a bit of a “taboo” subject. If you are a regular smoker, it may be of benefit to you to live or holiday with an individual who is relaxed about your usage of marijuana. tries to fill this niche by connecting you to people who are advertising rooms for you to stay at many locations across America and beyond.

With, you can exchange services or favors & stay with your host by trading services or possibly stay for free, and build a friendship & memory with your host which will last forever. It is possible to register as a guest or host for free on the website. There is a long held tradition of marijuana smokers acting in a communal way with each other which tries to do by connecting people with a place to stay. If you join today, you can get a free papercraft by sending a request to CannabisCouchSurfers@gmail.Com.

Who does collaborate with?

CannabisCouchSurfers whilst also connecting medical travellers, also collaborates with many different causes and products.

20151004_1427070CannabisCouchSurfers knows how difficult it is for many of us who travel with a pet to get a cost effective place that allows animals to stay. Most of the time, hotels just say no, or quote extraordinary high prices for allowing your pet to stay with you. Pet owners predominantly believe that our pets are key members of our family and that is why we support PetProjectforPets.Org. We recommend you check them out as they give away free pet food, courtesy of Pet Supermarket, to disabled people and others. It’s a truly fantastic cause and we hope you support them in their great work that they do.

We also recommend They offer tours to Barcelona which we think is the new “Amsterdam” that many of us have not yet tried. We would certainly recommend you pay them a visit and check out their excellent value for money tours.

For everyday use, we also work with Magical Butter. This turns any botanical into a butter, tincture or oil which can be very useful. Aswell as this, Joe the Benny rolling papers are also worth a look. They are certainly more interesting than plain papers which often look a bit bland and add a bit of fun to smoking.

If you’d like to advertise any products with, head over to our website and we will be more than happy to promote your products on our website or through our many advertising mediums.

IMG20141025WA0000We LOVE what you do at Cannabis Couch Surfers
★Meet local or long distance friends.
● Hotels don’t allow pets or smoking, our members do.
★★ Member Discounts on selected items.
■List for free and make $$. travel and save.
★ All information kept strictly confidential, never shared.
★★★ Register anonymously 4 FREE★★★

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