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Oregon to Vote on Marijuana Legislation

legalize marijuana

New Approach Oregon has surpassed the required number of signatures to add it’s Marijuana initiative to the ballot.

The marijuana legislation hoping to make it to vote hands regulation of marijuana to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. This system will help keep marijuana out of the hands of minors in the same manner that alcohol is kept away from minors (which is a much better system then hoping a drug dealer doesn’t want to sell to kids…).

New Approach Oregon’s Initiative:

  • Retains current DUI and driving while impaired laws
  • Retains drug-free workplace rules
  • Prohibits all public use and display of marijuana.
  • Limits personal homegrown marijuana by individuals for their own use
  • Retains current medical marijuana laws

The Initiative also outlines taxation of marijuana with revenues from the taxes being divided between School Funding (40%), State and Local Police(35%), and Drug treatment, prevention and mental health programs (25%)

Although more restrictive then other marijuana legislation that hoped to make it to ballot this year, The New Approach Initiative seems like a common sense way to deal with Marijuana. What are your views on the initiative? Let us know in the comments below.

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