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The Real Problem with Marijuana Edibles

casa-luna-cannabis-chocolate-4Pot in Candy Form

We’ve all seen the stories by now “Kid OD’s on Marijuana Candy”, Dumb Reporter eats to much Pot Chocolate” “Weed Gummis: a Sign of the Apocalypse?” or something like that. But what does it all mean? Are Marijuana Edibles a menace to society? Will kids in Denver be inundating the emergency rooms this Nov 1st after ODing on spiked Halloween candy? Should we plead with our benevolent rulers to save us from the foulness that is a brownie with actual ground up bud in it (come on, you know someone who just dumped their bag in the brownie mix…)

Your Government Can Help

I’ll admit it. There is a problem with THC Edibles, and the government can help. But not buy blindly banning pot edibles, but by better regulating them.

Recently I picked up a pot chocolate bar from my local dispensary. It had the standard packaging clearly stating 150mg of THC with 6 doses in the bar (a section being a dose). I have tried many of these before and I knew with my tolerance 2 doses would do me right. Being a bit of a cook and a baker myself, I quickly noticed that the chocolate in the bar had been over cooked. THC breaks down in high heat, so overcooked marijuana chocolate means zero effect. I ended up eating the whole bar, and I felt nothing.

Because I have experimented with marijuana edibles, and know about cooking, I was able to recognize the problem with my chocolate, but if that had been my first time trying weed edibles, it likely would have pushed me to take too much next time thinking I had too low of a dose this time.

I have found that, in many cases, the consistency of the dose in the marijuana edibles is questionable. 150mg from one brand may do nothing, while 35mg from another brand will render you unfit for public appearances. An obvious result of poor testing of the product.

Now over the years, I have found that the consistency of alcohol is rather good. An 80 proof whiskey will get me drunk just as fast as an 80 proof rum or an 80 proof Gin. If I am correct, the FDA has something to do with making sure that when a company says their booze is 80 proof, it is. Can we not make the FDA responsible for making a way to test marijuana edibles for accurate potency labels? Can the FDA devise guidelines on proper packaging ?

Marijuana was once heralded as a preferable option to alcohol by prohibitionists in the 1920’s… Maybe we should start treating it a little more like alcohol,


*PS for all you edible newbs: sugar kills the marijuana high, so if you feel like you ate to much, or received too high of a dose, eat some non-weed candy.

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