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Florida Medical Marijuana: What You Need To Know

medical-marijuanaMedical Marijuana in Florida

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a bill earlier this year to allow for very limited medical marijuana use in very limited cases. The bill only allowed for a strain of marijuana called “Charlottes Web” which has very low amounts of THC. The reason for this is because of the medical value of the other chemicals in the plant. Yet with so many proven accounts of THC’s medical benefits why did Gov. Scott not allow them?

THC is also the part of marijuana that gets you “high”.  Despite the many proven medical uses for THC, Gov. Scott decided the government knows better then the people who hired them, and therefore he put forth his big government agenda to try to neuter any upcoming medical marijuana legislation by passing his own overly restrictive version of medical marijuana reform.

Amendment 2: Florida’s’ Real Medical Marijuana Reform

gods-gift-8On November 4th, Florida voters get to decide on Amendment 2 to legalize real medical marijuana use. However, Amendment 2 will not make medical marijuana instantly available around the state. Instead, it will give regulators until July of 2015 to come up with regulations to make the medical marijuana system in the state work. The department then has until October to license the first Medical Treatment Centers. Before then, no one will be allowed to start growing, or selling medical marijuana in Florida.

Amendment 2 specifically states that driving a car or boat under the influence of marijuana would remain illegal. Marijuana could still be banned from workplaces, schools and public spaces. It is also written into the amendment that no insurance company or government agency can be forced to cover the cost of medical marijuana. However many details are left to the regulators including accepting out of state medical marijuana prescriptions, and what the proper age to purchase medical marijuana will be. The amendment does require the regulations to be reasonable, and that the regulations will ensure the availability, and safe use of the medical marijuana.

Amendment 2 also provides for new civil immunities for marijuana users protecting patients from losing custody fights or employment actions simply because they use medical marijuana.

If you live in Florida get out there and vote this November!

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