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Why Marijuana Vaporizers Are Booming

hotvaporpengirlmarijuanavaporizersIt is a fact, Marijuana vaporizers are the best accessory to use for marijuana smokers. Everyone is beginning to understand the power of a true vaporizer. There are tons of added benefits that you experience that sets a vaporizer apart from using a bong, pipe, tobacco wrap, cigar or joint. The biggest benefit is the health benefits that vaporizers hold to the user without doing any type of cardiovascular damage. There are thousands of different types of carcinogens when you smoke marijuana. Most of the carcinogens are in the wrap itself but there are hundreds inside marijuana when you smoke it including the leaf that burns which creates a very underrated and damaging factor when you decide to burn your marijuana.

Marijuana vaporizers started becoming very popular early 2008 when many companies understood how important it is to ones health when inhaling an active ingredient the plant holds. Vaporizers simply extract the pure active ingredient within the plant causing nothing to burn at all that would damage your lungs and other cardiovascular organs. Vaporizers filter out 95% of all carcinogens, the 5% is the active ingredient that everyone looks to inhale when using marijuana which would be the THC. The benefits are endless including; no more yellow / black mucas, no more yellowing of the fingers, no more inhaling butane and tobacco, most importantly you won’t inhale any poison that is included when burning marijuana.

Aside from the health benefits marijuana vaporizers carry you’ll also experience many financial benefits such as saving hundreds of dollars a month since vaporizers give you 85% more potency. If you smoke an ounce every week, you’re saving 8.5 grams per ounce. Adding the math lets say for example, you pay $15 a gram, you’re saving $125 per ounce smoked which saves you $250 a month. The amount of herb you go through will be in smaller amounts and you’ll find that a gram will last you more than a couple days instead of the one session you get out of a gram when smoking. As the marijuana industry expands, more and more people will lean toward marijuana vaporizer for not only the fiancial and health benefits, but from the style and discreetion that they carry. People that use a vaporizer look more sophisticated and less tacky as the old school methods. Only 26 states carry legal marijuana so there’s plenty of growing in the industry to be able to make the public aware of the benefits provided by a vaporizer.

What Type Of Vaporizer Are Out There?

weedvaaaYou’ll notice that there are many different vaporizer types. Portable vaporizers, Vapor Pens, and desktop vaporizers are the 3 types of vaporizers that are being produced with more technology. Prices range from $20 all the way up to $800 to buy yourself a unit. The average customer spends $150 on a vaporizer knowing it’ll save their health, health costs and herb spending. The millenials are the ones giving awareness to the old school users but the old school tokers are definitely investing more money now that many of them are aware of marijuana vaporizers and how powerful they are.

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