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Check out this Stoney, funny Youtube Channel while You Are High

starwarsthumbFor all you marijuana smokers out there, there’s this best kids toys youtube channel with this whacky puppet that’s super entertaining to watch while you’re high! They quality is really good with movie quality effects and animations. They do Star Wars toy reviews, Toy Story kids toys, Super Mario Bros Episodes, Minecraft parodies, blind boxes and lots of best Disney Toy Reviews. The puppet kind of reminds me of Elmo from Seseme Street but he’s sillier and has funny outbursts on the show where he smashes the toys and stuff. Haven’t seen anything else this on youtube. Plus they donate all the toys to sick children in thei hospital. Check it out! Great stuff! It’s called Fuzzy Puppet and you can see it at this link. Make sure to subscribe to see more.

You can view here:

smthumb2 (1)You can also watch my favorite episodes so far, which was where the main character Fuz The Puppet, is playing an 8bit retro video game with him as the main character. There’s a dragon he can never defeat and he calls on his friends Super Mario and Luigi to help him get past the boss. The stop motion photography used in this episode is sick! See it here


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