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Blueberry Pie Marijuana – Cannabis Strain Review

blueberry pie weed

blueberry pie weedI’ll admit it. I like Blueberry weed. You can probably tell from my review on Blueberry Cookie, or maybe the review of the Blueberry Kush. So when I saw this Blueberry Pie Marijuana, well I had to try some. From what I’ve been able to gather, the Blueberry Pie Marijuana strain is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookie and Blue Dream.

Blueberry Pie Marijuana – The Buds

These are awesome looking buds. There is a deep purple to some leaves mixed in with the greens, and an abundance of orange hairs. All of this is topped with a nice dusting of crystals. The buds have a very nice blueberry scent to them.

blueberry pie marijuanaThe Flavor of Blueberry Pie Marijuana

This bud tastes amazing! The smoke is rich and smooth, not harsh at all. The flavor is something else, It is almost like milk chocolate covered blueberries. Creamy, smooth, and sweet. The exhale is fruity and long lasting.

What it Does

The Blueberry Pie Marijuana that I am reviewing for this Cannabis strain review (yours may differ due to growing conditions, or other variables), has a very heavy body effect. It really is a heavy feeling on the muscles giving a good “couch lock”. Yet oddly, there is that sativa body tingle underneath.  Similarly, The head effects have both the mind clearing, and focus of an indica, and a sense of “hyper awareness” that you get from a sativa. Both happy, and contemplative at the same time.

blueberry pie cannabisFinal Thoughts

Overall, I really Like the Blueberry Pie Marijuana. It has an amazing flavor, good muscle relaxation effects, yet still pushes you to want to be active. It gives you a different perspective, and the focus to follow it. This is a good medicine for depression, writers block, aches and pains


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