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Blueberry Cookie Weed – Marijuana Review

Blueberry cookie marijuana

Blueberry Cookie Marijuana BudsBlueberry Cookie Weed – Marijuana Review

Blueberry Cookie marijuana seems to be a hybrid of Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookie. Blueberry originated in California in the 1970’s-80’s as a strain developed by infamous grower DJ Short. (there is a great article on the development of Blueberry over at Girlscout Cookies was developed in Florida in the mid 1990’s and has developed a following of it’s own. (You can read more about GSK over at

marijuana grinderBlueberry Cookie Weed – First Impressions

The buds of the Blueberry Cookie are large and dense with an even coating of crystals. The aroma has strong blueberry tones, with underlying hints of lemon Pinesol. The inhale is very smooth with sweet tastes of blueberries and hints of peppery spice. The smoke is expansive, and can give you a bit of a cough if you are not careful. The exhale has hints of pastries, and a thick varnishy feel that leaves you licking your lips.

blueberry-cookie-28Blueberry Cookie Weed – The Effects

The Blueberry Cookie weed is a fast acting muscle relaxer. By the time I was done smoking a bowl, I was melted into the couch. If you have muscle soreness due to fatigue, anxiety, whatever, this is great medicine for you. Once the body effects take a hold, you can feel the mental effects slowly wash away the anxiety and restlessness of the mind.

If you manage to stay awake through the initial relaxation phases of the blueberry cookie weed, you will find a nice creative momentum that follows.

Blueberry Cookie Weed – Final Thoughts

I hadn’t seen this strain before my visit to this new shop on Ventura blvd. I usually stay away from odd strains unless I am at a trusted shop, (for some reason I always assume it is just someone growing in their closet from whatever seeds they collected, and are making up whatever name they want…) but who can say no to a mixture of blueberry and girlscout cookie? I am glad a tried this Blueberry Cookie weed. It does seem to be true to it’s namesakes, and was a very tasty choice indeed.


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