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Sativa Vs Indica: What’s The Difference?

There are over 1,000 strains of marijuana, so choosing the right strain for you can be a challenge especially if you’re looking to help a certain medical condition or find a desired effect. It’s important to understand that everything you find in your local dispensary or collective has a foundation in one of these types of cannabis plants or can be a hybrid of the two.  – For tips, great weed deals, recipes and more visit

Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa are plants with different appearances, growing cycles, and native environments and have been classified as such for hundreds of years. However, these classifications have recently become a lot more important to today’s consumers as they look to customize their marijuana experiences by taking advantage ways that these two different plants produce diverse highs and treat specific symptoms. Indica versus Sativa is a major deciding factor when it comes to what the consumer buys or what a physician may prescribe.

Growers and researchers are in on it, too, constantly working within the two classifications to understand their effects and properties, including returning to some of the original genetic extractions. But what does this mean to you? Just what are the differences between the two and why are they important to you as a consumer?

We want to break it down for you. 

SativaIndicWhile the two strains have a fairly dependable and oft reported variance in effect and medical treatment, there are other factors at play in the way individuals experience their highs. Things like a person’s weight, age, gender, or even a woman’s time of the month, can affect your experience. Marijuana cannabinoids and terpenes are also responsible for the physical effect experienced when it is smoked or ingested. So while we see a lot of consistency in the differences between the indica and sativa strains, there are still variables at work.

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