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Medical Marijuana: What States Have it.

medical-marijuana-statesMedical Marijuana in the USA

At the time of writing, almost half of the states in the US have legalized some form of medical marijuana. Cannabis has been used medicinally by humans since the dawn of civilization, yet it is still illegal in many places. Some scientists believe that the reason marijuana is so useful for treating so many ailments could be that those ailments are, in fact, just symptoms of cannabinoid deficiencies.

We at thought we would share with you what states have medical marijuana, and how much they let you have.


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Alaska legalized medical marijuana in 1998 allowing for up to one ounce of “leaf” marijuana, and up to 6 plants (3 mature, 3 immature)

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In 2010 Arizona legalized Medical Marijuana. You are allowed up to two and a half ounces, and up to 12 plants. Arizona also accepts prescriptions from other medical marijuana states.

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California was the first US state to legalize medical marijuana, allowing patients to have up to eight ounces of marijuana and 6 mature plants (or 12 immature plants)

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Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2000, and recreational marijuana in 2014. The state allows people to have two ounces usable, and 6 plants (3 mature, and 3 immature)

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Connecticut legalized medical marijuana in 2012 allowing patients to have one months supply on them (although how much “one months supply” is has yet to be determined) Connecticut’s law is unique in that it requires a pharmacist to be able to distribute the marijuana. As of this writing, there are currently no dispensaries in Connecticut selling medical marijuana due to zoning issues.

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Delaware legalized medical marijuana in 2011 allowing patients to have up to six ounces.

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Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a bill to allow for very limited medical marijuana in June 2014. In it’s current form Floridas’ law only allows for the “Charlottes’ Web” strain of marijuana which is very low in THC. There is a less restrictive medical marijuana initiative expected to reach voters this fall.

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Medical Marijuana was legalized in Hawaii in 2000. A patient there can have up to three ounces, and 7 plants (3 mature plants, and 4 immature)

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2013 was the year Illinois legalized medical marijuana allowing patients to have two and a half ounces.

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In 1999 Maine legalized medical marijuana allowing patients to have up to two and a half ounces and 6 plants.

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Maryland legalized medicinal marijuana in 2014 allowing patients to carry a 30 day supply (yet to be determined)

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In 2012 Massachusetts legalized medicinal marijuana allowing patients to carry up to a 60 day supply for personal medical use.

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In 2008 Michigan passed Proposal 1 legalizing Medical marijuana. Patients are allowed to have two and a half ounces and 12 plants.

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In 2014 Minnesota legalized very limited medical marijuana use. The state allows for a patient to have a 30 day supply of “Non-Smokable” marijuana.

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Montana legalized medical marijuana in 2004 allowing patients to have one ounce “usable” marijuana, 4 mature plants, and 12 seedlings.

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Nevada legalized medical marijuana in 2000. Patients there can one ounce usable, and 7 plants (3 mature and 4 immature). Nevada also allows for from other states with a prescription for medical marijuana to buy from dispensaries within their state. (bonus points for a Vegas Vacation…)

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New Hampshire

In 2013 medical marijuana became legal in New Hampshire. Patients there can have two ounces of usable cannabis during a 10-day period.

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New Jersey

In 2010 New Jersey legalized medical marijuana allowing patients in that state to carry up to two ounces usable cannabis.

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New Mexico

In the state of New Mexico, Medical marijuana has been legal since 2007. Patients in that state can have up to six ounces usable marijuana, and 16 plants (4 mature, 12 immature).

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New York

New York legalized medical marijuana in June of 2014. The law is very strict and only allows for “non-smokable” marijuana

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An early adopter, Oregon legalized medical marijuana in 1998 allowing patients there to have up to twenty-four ounces usable marijuana, and 24 plants (6 mature, and 18 immature)

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Rhode Island

Legalization of medical marijuana happened in Rhode Island in 2006. The state allows for patients to have up to two and a half ounces usable cannabis, and 12 plants.

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Vermont legalized medical marijuana in 2004 allowing patients to have 2 ounces usable, and 12 plants.

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In 1998 Washington state became one of the first states to legalize medical marijuana. In July of 2014 Washington state will also open its first, legal, recreational marijuana dispensaries. People in Washington state are allowed up to twenty-four ounces usable cannabis, and 15 plants.



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