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Herojuana OG Marijuana Review

Herojuana OG Marijuana

herojuana-7Herojuana OG Indica Dominant Marijuana Strain

What can I say about Herojuana. I guess I should start by saying this is hybrid of a Kentucky Sativa (reportedly found growing in the wild), and an Afgani Indica from Humbolt County. The Herojuana OG Marijuana strain is known for being a very strong strain.

I found this lovely batch of Herojuana Cannabis at The Healing Touch: a dispensary in Los Angeles’s beautiful San Fernando Valley (Ghostbusters reference intended)


First Impresions: Herojuana OG marijuana Strain

herojuana-3Herojuana OG has some very nice looking buds. The buds are nicely frosted, and teaming with orange hairs. These are some dense and sticky buds my friend, dense and sticky.

The aroma of Herojuana OG Marijuana is very pleasing. It smells like berries, and citrus… but more like a fake berries and citrus air freshener. There is something off about it.

The flavor of the Herojuana OG is strong, but smooth. It tasted a bit metallic, and maybe a bit pepper-y.


How it Works: Herojuana OG Marijuana

herojuana-11Herojuana OG (as it’s name might imply) is a strong, couch lock, body numbing, mind clearing, “hey man, what?” type of weed.

Anxiety? Gone. Aches & Pains? Gone. Insomnia? Gone.

This strain smacks you quick, and then continues to creep up on you for a few minutes. As a result, it is easy to over-medicate. There is also a strong cotton mouth and red-eye that comes with this cannabis strain, so be prepared for that.

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