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Amsterdam OG – Marijuana Review


Amsterdam OG Indica Dominant Marijuana Strain

When I was growing up, Amsterdam was the focal point of the stoners dreams. A “promised land” so to speak. A place where you could buy weed in a store. A place where you could sit in a “coffee shop” and smoke weed. Well these days, There are more and more places that will let you buy marijuana legally, and at the rate we are going, I see marijuana becoming legal in the United States in the next decade. Yet, for me, the fascination remains. The mythical land across the sea. Filled with tulips, windmills and marijuana: Amsterdam.

Needless to say, when I was recently at my local dispensary and saw that they had Amsterdam OG Marijuana in stock, I had to give it a try.

Amsterdam OG MarijuanaAmsterdam OG: The Bud

The Amsterdam OG has a nice dense bud. The batch that I picked up has an earthy green color with ample trichomes, and abundance of orange hairs. It has a bit of a forest-y smell. Not overpowering at all. What really sets the Amsterdam OG Marijuana strain apart from its brethren is the taste. Not piney, or skunky, yet not fruity either, The Amsterdam OG has a very silky smooth taste that is hard to describe.

Amsterdam OG: The Effect

Amsterdam OG Weed Bowl

Amsterdam OG is a strong Indica Dominant strain of marijuana. The effects are felt from head to toe. There is a calming relaxation to it that will help relieve minor aches and pains as well as ease muscle tension brought on by injury or stress. It also seems to be a bit of a giggler, so if you don’t like laughing, feeling good, or being relaxed then stay away from Amsterdam OG.

For the rest of us, this is a great bud for relaxing after work with a movie, or friends.


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