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How to Shop for Dry Herb Vaporizer Pens

2014newdesignX6electroniccigarettesmokingfontbvaporizerbfontfontbpenbThe popularity of dry herb vapor pens is exploding. People all over the world are embracing the technology that lets people enjoy the benefits found in natural herbs without inhaling nasty smoke. Vape pens are a fairly new invention, and new models of vapor pens hit the market every day, so it can be hard to keep up with all the models and features available. We’ve compiled a handy list of the most important features and benefits you should look out for when shopping for a vapor pen.


When shopping for vapor pens, you should always look for models that can handle the type of herbs or liquids you enjoy. There are a lot of dry herb vaporizers on the market that do a superb job and produce great vapor, but they’re not as good at handling waxes and oils. On the other hand, many excellent handheld vaporizers are designed almost exclusively around their ability to handle e-juice for delivering nicotine vapor to former smokers. Some manufacturers try to produce vapor pens that can handle anything, but what you end up with is a unit that doesn’t do any one thing particularly well.

If you’re going to use your vape pen for the same dry herb or concentrate all the time, you should concentrate on models that are specially designed for great performance for the kind of vaping you prefer. All-in-one desktop vaporizers are available that can truly handle anything, but vaporizer pens have understandable limitations put on them by their size. Handheld vaporizers aren’t that expensive, and you might be happier if you purchased more than one, and use each for one type of vaping.

Build Quality

dry-herb-vaporizer-penThe quality of vapor pens varies widely. There a lot of very inexpensive models on the market, but the quality of the vapor they produce isn’t very high. Vapor pens are very small, so it’s easy to forget how much is going on inside them. Without high-quality components, inexpensive vape pens can take too long to heat up, or burn your concentrate. If you use your vape pen for dry herbs, it’s important for the pen to get the full amount of vapor out of what you put in it, or you’ll be throwing away money every time you use it. The whole purpose behind vape pens is to deliver the maximum taste and health benefits from the material being vaped, and if the pen delivers bad vapor you’ll immediately know it. Unlike smoking, vaping doesn’t have anything that masks the tastes of what you put in your pen.

Durability is a key issue with inexpensive vapor pens, too. A vapor pen shouldn’t be built like a disposable device. You won’t save any money if you buy the cheapest pen you can find over and over. When shopping for vapor pens, you should take into account the way any handheld device will be knocked around while you’re carrying it, not just when you’re using it.


Using a handheld vaporizer is a pleasurable experience, and the unit itself should add to your satisfaction, not detract from it. Early models of vape pens tended to look a bit clumsy and utilitarian, but today’s models deliver better results in much sleeker and more eye-catching shapes. Another aspect of the design of your vape pen should be how it feels in your hand. The outside of the pen should have a finish that’s pleasant to touch and look at. It’s not only the look of the pen that’s important. The shape and texture determines how easy it is to hold vapor pens.

Look Out for Counterfeits

The Wild West aspect of the handheld vaporizer business leads to a lot of copycat knockoffs on the market. Many are sold with names that are similar to well-regarded models from reputable manufacturers. There are plenty of established dealers where you can buy vapor pens with confidence, so smart consumers stay away from unknown units from anonymous sellers.





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