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Chernobyl Marijuana Strain – Review

Chernobyl Marijuana Strain

Chernobyl Marijuana Strain

chernobyl-10I picked up this Chernobyl from the “budget” section of my local dispensary. It may not be the best example of this strain. (I have already found a seed in it… but I consider that a gift). The dispensary had it marked as an Indica, but judging from its effects, and what I have read elsewhere online (here, here, and here), it is a hybrid.

First Impressions

The Chernobyl Marijuana does not smell like cannabis. It has an earthy, spicy, lemon zest kinda smell to it. The flavor is also a bit unconventional. it is sweet. like Sprite.

Where it gets interesting

chernobyl-11This particular plant being called a Chernobyl Marijuana Strain is showing the signs of a sativa. There is an energetic feel, and a certain amount of freeflow creativity about the effects. However, there is also a strong indica feel as well. There is a strong relaxation, and mental focus.

The information I have read about the Chernobyl Marijuana Strain from the sites mentioned above put it as being more sativa dominant, and this bud I have here is more indica dominant. It would seem there may have been some pollen crossing with a more indica strain and this particular plant. (Which I suspect is why it was in the “discount bin”).


At the end of the day, this Chernobyl Marijuana did what it was advertised to do, did it well, and did it at a great price. So I guess I can’t complain that it may not have been a true Chernobyl. Maybe, if I get around to planting this seed, I will have to call that plant the “Kiev Train Wreck”… In honor of it not being a true Chernobyl.


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