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Weed grinder

weed grinder

marijuana grinderSomething you can always find in every marijuana smoker’s pocket is weed grinder.It is necessity for every modern day smoker.There are many types of herb grinders used to crush weed and prepare it for smoking.Weed grinders can be in different sizes, colors and made for different purposes but they all have the same goal, to prepare weed for smoking.Various companies create a grinders from all kind of materials.The best herb grinders you can find on the market are aluminium grinders.Getting weed grinder requiers some research and understanding of brands and materials.

Crushing your weed is a simple task if you have a high quality herb grinder.Herb grinders save a lot of time you would eventually spend by slicing parts of bud with scissors, with grinder all you need to do is put the buds in it and make few spins.
In the past, when weed grinder wasn’t so popular people used to crush buds with a blender. This stoneage technique is replaced by herb grinders.

Weed grinders can be wooden, metal or plastic, it is considered that metal ones are the best because they seem to be easier to clean.
Sometimes buds can be pretty hard or sticky and it can be hard to crush weed for rolling. No matter if it is stickiest of green a weed grinder always transforms them into perfect form for rolling joints.
Using a grinder will save you lots of time and it makes the weed burn slowly so you can have nice long lasting hits.

royal-purple-25Most grinders, especially the four piece metal ones collect the pollen crystals also known as kief, that fall off the buds when grinding.All you have to do is put buds into weed grinder and turn the grinder few times. As the buds break, they fall into a part of grinder with a screen and any loose material fall through the screen into place where pollen is collected.

The material you want to grind needs to be dry enough, wet marijuana is hard to grind and you will end up with your grinder stuck after usage.Herb grinders made smoking marijuana much easier, and it became a must have in weed smoking community.If you looking to buy quality herb grinder remember that the low price is not always the best option, instead you should be looking for the best price to quality ratio.


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