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Marijuana Chocolate Covered Pretzels

P.J. Budders Belgian Milk Chocolate Pretzels

PJ-Budders-Pretzels-12I am a fan of the P.J. Budders brand edibles. I have eaten a fair number of their marijuana chocolate bars, and have always found the doses to be consistent. I was looking for an edible to review, and was quite pleased to see the P.J. Budders marijuana chocolate pretzels at my local weed shop, so I picked up a bag.

What’s in the Bag!?

The bag of P.J. Budders Marijuana chocolate covered pretzels claims 150mg of Cannabis. This is the same for the regular dose marijuana chocolate bars. There are 12 individual marijuana chocolate covered pretzels in the bag. The back of the bag has a bit more detail showing a serving size of 2 pretzels, and a per serving amount for cannabinoids:

  • 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (9-THC) – 27.32 mg
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) – 4.94 mg
  • Cannabinol (CBN) – 2.11 mg

According to the packaging, These results were tested by Strain Genius Labs.

Trying out the Marijuana Chocolate Covered Pretzels

PJ-Budders-Pretzels-13I have found that when eating the P.J. Budders Marijuana Chocolate bars, about 2 of their “doses” works for me (3 to get real faded). So naturally, I decided to eat 6 of the marijuana chocolate covered pretzels (3 doses).

The effects were slow… this is really a “creeper”. About an hour after eating the three marijuana chocolate pretzels, I felt as if the effects were a bit week. More like 2 doses from the chocolate bar. However, as I continue to write, I notice the effects continue to build.

The muscle relaxation effects of these marijuana chocolate pretzels is fantastic. There is also a Sativa type “body buzz” to the effects of this edible. The head effects, however, were not as strong as I was expecting. (this is likely due to it being more of a Sativa then Indica based, although there is no mention of that on the packaging.)


Overall all I would say that this would be a great edible if you have a lot of muscle aches, but don’t want something that will put you to sleep. Although, as with all edibles… Your mileage may vary.