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Medical Marijuana Strips – Cannabis Breath Strips

medical marijuana strips

cannabis breath stripsI was at my local Medical Marijuana Dispensary the other day, and I saw these Medicated Pot Strips. Being the curious fellow that I am, I inquired about them and was told that they were basically like listerene breath strips, but medicated. I decided to drop the $5.00 and give one a try.

The first point I would like to make about these, is that they do not, in any way, taste like listerene breath strips. They taste like weed. It is a very strong weed flavor without the sweet candy tastes mixed in that you get from most medical marijuana edibles. These pot strips taste like you are eating a pot leaf, with the texture of plastic wrap.

Besides the straight bitter weed flavor, these Med-Strips also had the consistency of having a piece of saran wrap on your tongue. As it dissolved, it left a strange, bitter film in my mouth, and I had to drink a large glass of water to remove that sensation. (protip: have a drink on hand if you are going to use these… or, even better, have some real Listerene Breath Strips)

medical marijuana breath stripThe Effect of the Medical Marijuana Strip

Like many Medical Marijuana edibles, these Cannabis Strips are a bit of a “creeper”. About an hour after taking it, I definitely felt the muscle relaxation setting in. Over the next half hour the head high began to Flow over me leaving me with a nice indica focus.

The packaging didn’t contain dosage information, but I would say this is comparable with a 30-50mg THC edible. My tolerances are high, and this medical marijuana strip left me feeling quite well, but not overly “stoned”. I could still function rather well under the influence of the pot strips.

The real benefits of the medical marijuana strips are in their size, and discreet appearance. These are really nice for anyone who needs to medicate, but doesn’t want to sit around “blazing a blunt”.

These Cannabis strips would be great for the business traveler who’s sore muscles, aches and pains keeps them from having a good nights sleep in hotel rooms, or the parent that doesn’t want their kid to find their bong.

Pot Strips: The Discreet way to Medicate

All and all, it is a pretty good dose for the price, and a very discreet way to take it. I will most assuredly be keeping some of these around. The packaging says “Effective • Discreet • Convenient”; I would have to agree.