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Swing State Voters Support Legalization of Marijuana

legalization-of-marijuanaA recent survey conducted by Quinnipiac University shows that the majority of voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania support legalization of recreational marijuana use, and a large majority support legalization of medical use of marijuana.

Florida Supports Legalization of Recreational use of Marijuana

The poll shows that voters in Florida support legalization of possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use by adults by a slight margin of 55% in support and 42% against. 84% of Florida voters support the legalization of medical use of Marijuana. Florida currently has very strict medical marijuana laws allowing only the use of low THC strains as prescribed by a physician. A bill proposing wider availability of medical marijuana for more patients is currently making it’s way through the legislature.

Ohio Voters Support Legalization of Marijuana

Voters in the notorious swing state of Ohio support the legalization of recreational use of marijuana by adults by a margin of 52% to 44%. Ohio voters also support legalization of medical marijuana by a wider margin of 84% to 15%

Pennsylvania Voters want Legalized Recreational Marijuana

Pennsylvania voters support the legalization of recreational marijuana use by adults by a margin of 51% supporting and 45% opposing. Medical use of marijuana has wider support in Pennsylvania also showing 88% supporting it and 10% opposing. Pennsylvania also has legislation making the rounds to regulate marijuana’s use and retail sale.

Wide Support for Marijuana Reform may Change the Political Landscape

With such wide support for marijuana reform in key states, politicians will likely take notice. Democrats have largely supported the medical marijuana movement, and can expect this to benefit their campaigns.

Republicans have traditionally gone against their parties platform of “less government interference in peoples lives” and not supported marijuana law reform. However, many republicans have seen the political advantages of supporting legalization efforts and have turned against the party norm.

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