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Purple Maui Marijuana – Strain Review

Purple Maui Marijuana

Purple Maui Marijuana BudsPurple Maui Marijuana Review

Ahh Maui. The beautiful beaches, the pretty flowers and the gorgeous locals. (Yes, I mean You). Hawaii is an iconic tropical paradise known for it’s beauty, just as Maui Wowi is an iconic strain of marijuana.

While on a recent trip to the Medical Marijuana dispensary, I saw they had Purple Maui Marijuana in stock. Who could resist? This seems like a cross between Blueberry, and Maui Wowi.

First Impressions: Purple Maui

The aroma of the Purple Maui Marijuana is subtle. It has a slightly sweet, slightly pine scent. The buds are a real knockout. The have beautiful purples, rich oranges, and vibrant greens. This is really a pretty bud.

purple maui cannabis budThe blueberry really shines through in the flavor of the Purple Maui Marijuana. This cannabis strain tastes like a blueberry muffin… a hash-y blueberry muffin¬†(trust me on this, I just made blueberry muffins the other day). The smoke is very smooth, and the exhale has a bit of a smoked mesquite flavor. (a bit desert before dinner, but hey… I’m cool with that)

How it Feels

purple-maui-16The Purple Maui Marijuana has a nice happy head high It focuses you in, but cheerfully. I also found that this lovely hybrid strain of cannabis has a nice peppy body buzz. It relieved muscle soreness and promoted movement.  There is no couch lock here my friends. If you want a good bud that will relieve soreness, focus you onto your task, and be there for you while you get it done, the Purple Maui is the one for you. this is a good bud, and one that I will be keeping an eye out for in the future.

Oh what can be said of this beautiful thing from Hawaii. I long to stare aimlessly at it’s beauty. to breathe in it’s intoxicating aromas, to taste it on my tongue, and feel it becoming one with me…


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