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Planet X OG | Marijuana Review

Planet-X-13First Impressions: Planet X OG

The Planet X OG is a great Indica. The first thing you notice when introduced to this bud is the strong aroma. Like being introduced to that friend of a friend who’s culture isn’t as fond of bathing as ours is… There is no hiding this fragrance. It has a strong Skunk scent with some piney overtones, and there is no hiding this.

(A tip from an old guy: Don’t take this on the bus. We can smell it, and we do know what it is.)

The Bud

The Planet X OG Has a beautiful, medium sized bud. It is a rich forest green teaming with crystals and abundant in dark, earthy red hairs. The Planet X OG is dense and a bit sticky, but still a bit spongy.

Planet-X-18The bud broke up pretty nicely in the grinder. A few pieces did get stuck which inevitably led to me scraping them out with a resin coated poker… However, this bud is seed free so far. So a small amount of breaking the bud up to get rid of the few stems, and you can pack a bowl without grinding.

The Smoke

The Planet X OG has a very warm, Hashy flavor with a hint of rose petals… The smoke is expansive, making it hard to hold a large toke. The exhale is very silky, and smooth. It has an earthy, slightly spice aftertaste.

The Effect

Planet-X-26Planet X OG is a very heavy medication. It soothes pain, and eases mind and body. This is one of those strains that will leave you melting on the couch, and staring off into space with your eyes half open. If you have muscle pain that keeps you awake at night, you might want to find yourself some Planet X OG. This stuff will have you sleeping like a baby.

Planet X OG: Final Thoughts

The Planet X OG is a very heavy Indica. It is related to the other planetary OG’s (Jupiter OG, Mars OG etc) This bud is great for pain relief, stress relief, insomnia, and just plain relaxation. Do not expect to be very productive on this strain, and do not operate heavy machinery.

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