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PJ Budders Belgian White Chocolate

PJ Budders Belgian White Chocolate

I am a big fan of the PJ Budders Belgian White Chocolate. Sometimes I will get one of these, a bus pass, and a camera, and just go on an adventure.

The bar is divided up into six sections. I find that two sections usually leave me with a very pleasant, high energy body high. (It is kind of like a cup of coffee and a muscle relaxer.) I once found myself in the odd position of having three sections left, and decided to eat them all as opposed to save one for later. This was a mistake. An hour later when my buss got to my stop, I had to concentrate on walking to make it the rest of the way home…

The PJ Budders Belgian White Chocolate pleasantly combines the full rich flavors of Belgian White Chocolate with the bitter, unmistakable taste of marijuana. The richness of the not-too-sweet white chocolate really minimizes the cannabis flavor. It is really a toss up to me between which is better, this or their Dark Chocolate

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