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Master Kush Marijuana Review

Master Kush Cannabis

master-kush-4Classic Cannabis – Master Kush

Now I have reviewed Master Bubba Kush on this site before.  And I have reviewed one half if it’s lineage with my review on Bubba Kush. Now here is the other half of that superb Cannabis breeding family… The Master Kush *Cannabis Cup Winner in 1992 & 1993.

Master Kush is itself a hybrid of Hindu Kush and Skunk, and boy does that skunky-ness come through.  This is some stinky weed. You get a bit used to it if you are in it, but if you smoke a bowl in a closed room, leave for a while and come back… oh boy is it skunky.

A Visual Inspection of The Master Kush

Unfortunately for me, the dispensary that I picked this Master Kush up from was almost out.  The nice big buds where gone, and I was left to get the little scraps from the bottom of the bin (for a discount). Even so, the little buds are great bowl size, and are still nicely coated in crystals. The bud has an earthy green color with plentiful orange hairs.

master-kush-13Master Kush – How It Smokes

Despite the skunky aroma, the Master Kush has a very smooth taste. It is Earthy, smoky, and Sweet.  Like a burnt marshmallow in a pine forest.

The effects  of the Master Kush hit you hard. If you had a million things on your mind, they are gone. Anxiety is released. The muscle relaxation is also very strong on this one. There is a creative energy, but you are almost to relaxed to act on it.

master-kush-25Wrap it Up

Ultimately I would say that the Master Kush is a great strain of Marijuana to use if you have high anxiety, and trouble focusing. It would probably also be good for people who can not sleep due to muscle aches and pains. (*Consult your own Dr. I am not a physician… just a toker)

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