Jupiter OG

It is a beautiful Sunday in Southern California, and I just picked up some Jupiter OG. Let’s see what we think of it.


The Jupiter OG is dense small buds. It has a pungent grass clippings / gass / skunk aroma that really travels. It has a brownish green hue (like most vegetation in SoCal) and there are some nice golden red hairs in it.

It grinds nicely and produces a lite, fluffy pack.

The flavors are very earthy and strong. There are hints of vegetable, and spice in it.

jupiter-grindJupiter OG is an Indica, and a very heavy one at that. It produces a heavy head high that works its way down into a long lasting body high. This strain will let the mind wander, but you better keep notes, because it also has a strong forgetful quality to it.

This is a great strand for patients dealing with insomnia, or pains that keep them from sleeping. The fast acting head high will put you to sleep, while the long lasting body high will keep you comfortable through the night.

jupiter-bowlOf the planetary strains this is a strong with with a rather potent flavor. some love it, and some do not. Best to try for oneself.


Jupiter OG - Indica
Overall a winner! If you like indica, a top choice
Head Effects75%
Body effects50%
Dry Mouth80%
Red Eye30%
  • Fast Acting
  • Heavy
  • Long Lasting
  • Stinky
  • Dry Mouth
  • Sleepy
65%Overall Score
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