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5 Unexpected Diseases Medical Marijuana can Treat

cannabinoid-deficienciesWe all have heard about the medicinal value of Marijuana. Anyone who has ever been stoned can tell you medicinal marijuana treats insomnia, anxiety, depression and loss of appetite. many of us have read that marijuana inhibits tumor growth, and relieves seizures. But what else does it do? There is research currently underway that theorizes that many of the diseases that marijuana treats are not diseases at all, but symptoms of cannabinoid deficiencies. The theory is that, much like iron, zinc and potassium, our bodies need cannabinoids. Our bodies have cannabinoid receptors in them. Marijuana is one of the few sources of cannabinoids. In fact, marijuana contains 2 different types: Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). The only other place with large amounts of naturally occurring cannabinoids is human breast milk.

So what other conditions do THC and CBD treat? click through to find out!

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Reputable Cannabis Doctor In Santa Cruz and Monterey Joins the Medical Cannabis Network

medical marijuana

Santa Cruz, california (PRWEB) February 28, 2015

In recent years Medical Marijuana has continuously been embraced by an ever growing number of practicing physicians as a way for them to expand their patient base without any real experience, training or education regarding Cannabis as medicine. Since the FDA still lists Cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, there have been very few resources available to licensed physicians that can help guide them when recommending a Cannabis related treatment to a patient. Dr. Deborah Malka in Santa Cruz, CA is a leader in the small, but growing number of Medical Professionals that are aware of this issue and working to rectify the problem.

Dr. Malka’s practice is called Cannabis Plus and is located in Santa Cruz and Monterey, CA. She, in addition to being a licensed MD, is also Board Certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine. Dr. Malka has spent years working with Medical Cannabis Patients. While many doctors are willing to recommend Medical Cannabis as a treatment, few offer the same level of knowledge and experience as Dr. Malka. Each patient that visits Cannabis Plus is thoroughly interviewed regarding their medical history as well as their daily lifestyle in order for Dr. Malka to consult in proper usage, dosage and knowledge of exactly how to treat their individual conditions. Patients are also encouraged to return to her for follow up consultations to make sure that they are getting the best results possible.

Dr. Malka’s approach to medicine has allowed her to develop a unique level of experience and understanding regarding Medical Cannabis. While it is valuable in treating her own patients for a vast range of issues from cancer to autism, she has also proved a strong desire to share her knowledge and experience with other medical professionals. She is an officer of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and has helped to develop the first CME(Continuing Medical Education) curriculum available to provide medical professionals with a greater understanding of Cannabis as medicine as well as twelve credits toward their CME requirement.

In a growing area of medicine that is still more about politics than science, Dr. Deborah Malka is serving the Medical Cannabis movement with her passion, clarity, and expertise.


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The Importance of Cannabis Extract Medicine

marijuana vaporizerCannabis is one of the most medicinal plants in the world, and when prepared into extracts, its true power is released. The main problem with the medicinal cannabis movement at this point in time is its focus on smoking cannabis, or even vaporizing it. The bottom line is that’s not the right way to use cannabis as medicine, as effective as even that can be. Medicine is not intended to be absorbed in a low concentration through the lungs, it is supposed to go through the digestive system in a highly concentrated form. That is why cannabis extract medicine is the true way to use cannabis as medicine, and its effects greatly exceed what smoked cannabis could ever achieve.

There are two main reasons that cannabis extract medicine is better than smoked cannabis. First, extracts are much more concentrated than regular cannabis buds. It takes about a pound of raw cannabis to make two ounces of cannabis oil, meaning the oil is eight times more concentrated than the cannabis itself. For true healing to occur, the body must be saturated with cannabinoids, and at this concentration, such a saturation is achievable. The second reason the extract medicine is superior to smoked cannabis is its method of absorption. Instead of going through the lungs, it passes through the digestive system, which is designed to absorb nutrients rather than oxygen. This gives the body the full benefits of cannabis and can help the body truly heal from disease, rather than just alleviate the symptoms.

Frankly, it is amazing that smoking cannabis works so much better than many pharmaceuticals, which are always absorbed through the proper medium. By setting a plant on fire, inhaling the resulting smoke, and blowing it out, much more relief can be found than ingesting a pharmaceutical substance that decades of research was put into. The fact that smoking cannabis works better than pharmaceuticals is a testament to its place as humanity’s greatest medicine, but what really matters are the effects people have been having with extract medicine. There is an entire movement working to spread the truth that extracts are capable of curing/eliminating or completely controlling serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Crohn’s, chronic pain, IBS, hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, mental disorders, and more. Cannabis works against so many conditions because it functions at a fundamental level, restoring balance to all body systems. Since all disease is an imbalance of some kind, cannabis is the best herb for restoring balance.

I personally know several people who have been cured of cancer and other diseases with cannabis extract medicine. I’ve seen it work in real life and know that it is the key for humanity’s future. Once this truth is brought forward, the world will experience a revolution like no other, which will bring people closer to equality than at any point in history. Whether one believes this or not, it doesn’t matter, because everyone will benefit!

You can learn more about cannabis extracts by purchasing the author’s book, Cannabis Concoctions. Otherwise, you can visit to learn more about cannabis extracts in general.

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Jamaica Decriminalizes Marijuana

bob-marley-1Jamaica Decriminalizes Marijuana

On February 6th, 2015 (What would have been Bob Marley’s 70th birthday), the Jamaican Senate passed a law to decriminalize possession of up to 2 ounces of marijuana for personal/recreational use.

Angela Brown Burke, the mayor of Kingston (the capital and largest city in Jamaica) was quoted as saying “The time has come to provide an opportunity for Jamaicans to benefit from the marijuana industry.” Considering Jamaica is almost a Mecca to Marijuana culture, the boost of legal “Ganja Tourism” could greatly benefit the country and people of Jamaica. making an economic boon for the island nation thanks to the decision Jamaica Decriminalizes Marijuana.

Although a large part of the Rastafarian movement in Jamaica, (which considers smoking marijuana a natural, positive part of life that helped one’s spiritual growth.) the use and possession of marijuana, or Ganja, was illegal in the country, and is still looked down upon by some members of Jamaican society. In regards to the decriminalization of marijuana, Justice Minister Mark Golding said in a statement, “I wish to stress that the proposed changes to the law are not intended to promote or give a stamp of approval to the use of ganja for recreational purposes.”

Although possession of marijuana is now legal, you can’t legally smoke on Jamaica’s public beaches or out in the open. However, you can still toke up, and then walk on over to the beach.

Jamaican Minister of Justice Mark Goldberg says “…changes represent an approach which will enure to the benefit of the persons concerned and the society as a whole, and reduce the burdens on the court system.”


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5 Reasons to Support Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization

legalize marijuanaWe’ve all seen the ads on TV, both for and against Marijuana Legalization. Some of them push fear tactics, while others focus on single reasons like medical treatment or economic benefits. We at decided to make our own list about the top 5 Reasons we think you should support marijuana legalization initiatives in your area.

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Florida to try for Medical Marijuana Again

Florida Medical Marijuana

Southern Blue Dream-1In November 2014 Florida’s Medical Marijuana supporters suffered a setback in their states legalization battle. Prop 2 suffered defeat with 58% of the voters supporting it (just shy of the 60% needed to pass). In contrast, Florida re-elected Governor Rick Scott with 48% of the vote… 10% less then supported Medical Marijuana.

As the saying goes, Florida Medical Marijuana supporters may have lost the battle, but the war is far from over. Attorney John Morgan announced he plans to lead a new push to get Medical Marijuana back before the voters. Morgan’s group United for Care plans to begin seeking petitions to get the issue of medical marijuana back on the ballot. His new bill rewords some of the concerns of opponents of the previous measure to close the so called “loopholes” of the previous bill.

Recently, I was in Florida and found that it was easier to get Marijuana in that state then it is to get it in states that have a good medical marijuana program. (The waiter at the first restaurant I stopped at was able to get it for me before my dinner was over. No ID, no prescription necessary). Unfortunately, that means it is also easier for children to get a hold of. Any legal medical marijuana program Florida enacts would reduce the underage use of marijuana by making it as difficult for minors to get as alcohol currently is.

Long being one of the central hubs of the South Eastern United States Marijuana trade (as well as the birthplace of many incredible strains of Marijuana such as Bubba Kush), it is easy to see why criminals drug traffickers would want to keep the marijuana trade unregulated, and tax free. However, the state could really use the tax revenue and jobs that the legal marijuana trade would bring.

If you are interested in helping Florida get Medical Marijuana passed, please sign the petition at


Photos courtesy of tropicwallpaers and potstockphotos

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Marijuana Convention CannaCon opens in Washington State

master-kush-16CannaCon, a four day Marijuana convention and trade show and business convention, started Thursday at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma Washington.

The trade show will feature around 200 booths and 60 seminars on topics ranging from growing techniques to marketing strategies.

The marijuana convention is a business to business trade show showcasing new technologies and products in the newly legalized marijuana industry.  As more states look to legalize recreational marijuana use, the growth potential for these businesses and industries is exponential.

There is no marijuana smoking at the trade show, but there will be a free shuttle taking people to Seattle’s  Hempfest on Friday and Saturday.  This is an exciting year for Hempfest marking the first time for the event that recreational marijuana will be sold on site by a legal, licensed retailer.

The CannaCon trade show will be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday for anyone curious about the new industry. Booths will be selling everything from grow lights to grinders, Web Design to Chocolate. Along with products, the service sector is present at the show selling cash and credit card processing, insurance, consulting and brand development for marijuana businesses.

Organizers are excited about the turnout and are already eyeing future marijuana conventions and trade shows in Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Denver.

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Florida’s No on 2 Campaign uses Lies and Scare Tactics against Marijuana

10527299_671692392923384_7059675627911290389_nAmendment 2 is on the November Ballot in Florida. If passed, it will legalize medical marijuana in the state. Close to 90% of Floridians support medical marijuana. Of that small minority that are opposed to medical marijuana, and even smaller minority has thought it appropriate to Lie and use scare tactics in an attempt to sway enough of the normal people to vote against Amendment 2.

Although most of us are smart enough to see the BS for what it is, there are some truly offensive remarks made in the No on 2 campaign that I feel I must address.

One of the ads for No on 2 says ‘Will the new face of “date Rape” look like a cookie?’. This statement is ridiculous and offensive. Typically, alcohol and Rohypnol are used for “date rape”.  According to Wikipedia, a date rape drug is any drug intentionally used as incapacitating agent to assist in the execution of drug facilitated sexual assault. As someone who has eaten many marijuana edibles, and even eaten “too much”, I can tell you one thing. Marijuana edibles are not an “incapacitating agent”.  Too much marijuana reduces the euphoric high associated with marijuana (we used to call it smoking yourself straight). It also brings on an overwhelming sense of paranoia, and causes you to be a bit agitated. These are horrible quality’s to have in a “date rape” drug.

Another claim by the No on 2 folks is that Marijuana cookies will be everywhere and your kids will eat them up on accident. The campaign asks “How is anyone supposed to know the difference?” Well, let me give you a few ways:

  1. Marijuana edibles cost a lot more then non marijuana infused food (typically $10.00 a cookie)
  2. Marijuana adds a distinct, bitter flavor to all marijuana edibles that make it instantly recognizable from the first bite.
  3. Marijuana edibles being sold in legal dispensaries will have clear labels, warnings, and dosage information. (illegal edibles that are available throughout the state now, do not)

10517621_668583193234304_6918789270618697675_oThere is one ad in particular that really offends me. It shows people standing in line for a medical marijuana card. One line, labeled cancer, terminal illnesses, has one person in it. The other line, labeled sore throat, eating problems, can’t sleep, has a long line. I believe this ad is trying to imply that most “medical marijuana patients” don’t really need medical marijuana. I was first prescribed marijuana to treat residual effects from nerve damage I received in my leg due to a workplace injury. The nerve damage left me with parts of my leg that are sometimes numb, and sometimes throbbing in discomfort. The later would keep me from sleeping. I tried other prescription sleep aids that either didn’t work, or worked to well (often causing me to oversleep, and still feel groggy for the first half of the day).  Marijuana reduced the throbbing in my leg so I could sleep, and left no residual effects in the morning.. To marginalize that, or worse yet, to claim that people like me are just looking for an excuse to get high is offensive, heartless and cruel.

The last ad that I will talk about from the No on 2 campaign (although most of them are scare tactics and lies) is the continued claim that Amendment 2 will allow teens to get marijuana without parental consent. The law requires minors to get parental consent, but 18 and 19 year olds are not minors. They are adults who can fight and die for our country, who can get any number of prescription medicines (including amphetamines, opiates, and cocaine) from a Doctor without parental consent. Of course the ads want you to believe that your 13 year old will be able to walk into 7-11 and buy pot cookies and get date raped. This is just ridicules and untrue.

10568827_671691982923425_6993569355204719104_nI also would like to address the one complaint from the No on 2 folks that some people are actually buying into.  They claim that the amendment does not have enough clear definitions (of what ailments pot may be prescribed for, of zoning for dispensaries etc) Yet the group (that claims to be conservative even though they are pushing for bigger government), doesn’t seem to acknowledge that the Amendment was written to allow for local governments to fill in the regulations that make the most sense for their particular communities. Instead, this group wants a large, overreaching, government mandate against a plant. In the early part of the 20th century, several anti marijuana bills were shot down for the simple fact that Americans believed they had a constitutionally protect right to the pursuit of happiness, and it was not the governments place to regulate a plant. These days, we have groups like No on 2 that promote big government interference in your life through scare tactics and lies. These folks should be ashamed of themse

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Colorado Teen Marijuana Use Declining

teen marijuana use

mad-love-2One of the common lies told by the Anti Marijuana camp is that legalization of recreational marijuana will lead to increased teen marijuana use. If the numbers from Colorado are any indication, this is the opposite of reality.

The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment released a study showing that Teen Marijuana use is on the decline in the state.

There are two reason for the decline of marijuana use amongst teens in a state where recreational marijuana use is legal. The first reason is that recreational marijuana stores ID buyers, and don’t sell to minors. Recreational marijuana stores negatively effect the profitability of illegal sales reducing the availability to underage buyers. When I was a teenager in Florida, it was far easier to buy marijuana illegally, then it was to buy alcohol. Illegal marijuana doesn’t require you to be over 18 to buy it. The second reason marijuana use among teens is on the decline in Colorado is because legal marijuana is not as cool or rebellious as it was when it was illegal. Simply put, making marijuana legal, makes it “less cool”.

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States Raking in the Marijuana Money

Alaska-Thunder-Fuck-3The Marijuana business is booming. Go to any poor neighborhood in the country over the past 30 years and ask “how do you make some easy money” and they’ll tell you to sell weed. Well the state and local governments of the United States of America are finally starting to get the message.

Recreational marijuana sales in Colorado  reached record highs in June with dispensaries in the state selling $24.7 million worth of Cannabis. In the first 6 months of 2014, dispensaries in Colorado have sold $115 million in weed. That translates into $20 million in the states coffers.

July was the first month of recreational marijuana sales in Washington State. Stores there sold $3.8 million of the good herb, bringing in just over $1 million into the states bank account. Those numbers look to be a healthy start for the state. Especially when Brian Smith, a spokesman for the Washington Liquor Control Board, said “the system isn’t fully up and running yet”.

The true calculation of the money going into the states accounts do to recreational marijuana legalization and taxation may never truly be known. It is difficult to calculate the money saved in investigation and enforcement of unjust marijuana laws, or the costs it places on our judicial and prison systems.