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Pot Friendly Pizza – Marijuana Edibles

Pot Friendly Pizza (via

A restaurant in East Vancouver is offering a very special service for cannabis users. The service is for customers over 18 years of age with a medical marijuana prescription.   The customers need to bring their own cannabis to use vaporizers free of…

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This Cannabis-Infused Pizza Will Satisfy Your Munchies Then Get You High All …

This Cannabis-Infused Pizza Will Satisfy Your Munchies Then Get You High All … (via NewsCanada-Plus)

This Cannabis-Infused Pizza Will Satisfy Your Munchies Then Get You High All … It’s always tough to decide what toppings to get on your pizza: Pepperoni! Mushrooms! Pineapple! Peppers! Anchovies! But what if marijuana was also a topping option?…

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Medical Marijuana Strips – Cannabis Breath Strips

medical marijuana strips

cannabis breath stripsI was at my local Medical Marijuana Dispensary the other day, and I saw these Medicated Pot Strips. Being the curious fellow that I am, I inquired about them and was told that they were basically like listerene breath strips, but medicated. I decided to drop the $5.00 and give one a try.

The first point I would like to make about these, is that they do not, in any way, taste like listerene breath strips. They taste like weed. It is a very strong weed flavor without the sweet candy tastes mixed in that you get from most medical marijuana edibles. These pot strips taste like you are eating a pot leaf, with the texture of plastic wrap.

Besides the straight bitter weed flavor, these Med-Strips also had the consistency of having a piece of saran wrap on your tongue. As it dissolved, it left a strange, bitter film in my mouth, and I had to drink a large glass of water to remove that sensation. (protip: have a drink on hand if you are going to use these… or, even better, have some real Listerene Breath Strips)

medical marijuana breath stripThe Effect of the Medical Marijuana Strip

Like many Medical Marijuana edibles, these Cannabis Strips are a bit of a “creeper”. About an hour after taking it, I definitely felt the muscle relaxation setting in. Over the next half hour the head high began to Flow over me leaving me with a nice indica focus.

The packaging didn’t contain dosage information, but I would say this is comparable with a 30-50mg THC edible. My tolerances are high, and this medical marijuana strip left me feeling quite well, but not overly “stoned”. I could still function rather well under the influence of the pot strips.

The real benefits of the medical marijuana strips are in their size, and discreet appearance. These are really nice for anyone who needs to medicate, but doesn’t want to sit around “blazing a blunt”.

These Cannabis strips would be great for the business traveler who’s sore muscles, aches and pains keeps them from having a good nights sleep in hotel rooms, or the parent that doesn’t want their kid to find their bong.

Pot Strips: The Discreet way to Medicate

All and all, it is a pretty good dose for the price, and a very discreet way to take it. I will most assuredly be keeping some of these around. The packaging says “Effective • Discreet • Convenient”; I would have to agree.

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Marijuana Chocolate Covered Pretzels

P.J. Budders Belgian Milk Chocolate Pretzels

PJ-Budders-Pretzels-12I am a fan of the P.J. Budders brand edibles. I have eaten a fair number of their marijuana chocolate bars, and have always found the doses to be consistent. I was looking for an edible to review, and was quite pleased to see the P.J. Budders marijuana chocolate pretzels at my local weed shop, so I picked up a bag.

What’s in the Bag!?

The bag of P.J. Budders Marijuana chocolate covered pretzels claims 150mg of Cannabis. This is the same for the regular dose marijuana chocolate bars. There are 12 individual marijuana chocolate covered pretzels in the bag. The back of the bag has a bit more detail showing a serving size of 2 pretzels, and a per serving amount for cannabinoids:

  • 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (9-THC) – 27.32 mg
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) – 4.94 mg
  • Cannabinol (CBN) – 2.11 mg

According to the packaging, These results were tested by Strain Genius Labs.

Trying out the Marijuana Chocolate Covered Pretzels

PJ-Budders-Pretzels-13I have found that when eating the P.J. Budders Marijuana Chocolate bars, about 2 of their “doses” works for me (3 to get real faded). So naturally, I decided to eat 6 of the marijuana chocolate covered pretzels (3 doses).

The effects were slow… this is really a “creeper”. About an hour after eating the three marijuana chocolate pretzels, I felt as if the effects were a bit week. More like 2 doses from the chocolate bar. However, as I continue to write, I notice the effects continue to build.

The muscle relaxation effects of these marijuana chocolate pretzels is fantastic. There is also a Sativa type “body buzz” to the effects of this edible. The head effects, however, were not as strong as I was expecting. (this is likely due to it being more of a Sativa then Indica based, although there is no mention of that on the packaging.)


Overall all I would say that this would be a great edible if you have a lot of muscle aches, but don’t want something that will put you to sleep. Although, as with all edibles… Your mileage may vary.


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Dr Durban Marijuana Drink – Review


There are a lot of Medicinal Marijuana drinks on the market. Most of them suffer from the same problems. By the time you buy them, they are usually stale, and the sweetness tends to clash with the taste of the cannabis. I often find myself trying them anyway (and now that I am writing for this site I have an excuse.)

Dr Durban Marijuana Drink

I decided to try a Cannabis soda to do an edible review on (would that be drinkable?). I checked through the selection at my local dispensary, and decided on Kushtown’s Dr Durban Poison Soda. I assumed (correctly) that the “Dr” was in reference to a “Dr Pepper” type flavor. I figured that would go better with the weed taste.

Taste Test

As far as flavor goes, I was correct. The slightly bitter flavors of the Dr Durban Marijuana drink complement the weed taste and make it barely noticeable when drinking. This will, however,  give you some pretty potent weed burps… Overall the taste is what you would expect. Dr Pepper with a hint of pot. As is usual with marijuana soda’s, this was a bit flat. I am not sure if this is a shelf life issue or if the THC somehow effects the carbonation. (if someone out there knows the answer please leave a comment below).

Of the handful of marijuana drinks that I have tried, This seems be one of the better tasting sodas. It is not overpowering, and is pretty tasty.

According to the bottle, this marijuana drink contains 78mg of THC per bottle. I have found that about 30mg of THC in an edible will give me slight effects, 50mg will make me really feel it… 78mg may be a bit to much.

Nutritional Information

Dr-Durban-7According to the nutritional facts on the bottle, This marijuana drink contains:

  • 90 Calories
  • 0g Fat
  • 70mg Sodium
  • 24g total Carbohydrates
  • 24g Sugar

Although it is not great for you, I think that is better then your average major brand soda. (I try not to drink a lot of soda, so I don’t have any around to compare it to.)


As far as the effects go, I must say I am a bit disappointed. I drank the marijuana drink about an hour and a half ago, and The effects are minimal. I can feel heaviness to my limbs, and a relaxing body buzz, but the head effects are non-existant.

This honestly feels more like about 30mg of THC. The effects are not nearly as intense as they were with the Trippy Truffles I reviewed last week, and they had about the same dosage. I have a feeling that the flatness of this soda, and the low intensity of the effects both point to it having been on the shelf for a while.

Chances are, This would have been great if it was fresh. I would suggest checking as to how long this has been on the shelf if you are going to try it.

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Trippy Truffles – Marijuana Edible Review

trippy-truffle-1While at my local dispensary the other day, I saw something that caught my eye. Trippy Truffles. I enjoy marijuana edibles from time to time, and am always on the lookout for something nicer then the brownie or cookie that is everywhere. (Not that there is anything wrong with brownies or cookies mind you, but edibles take a small amount to drastically change the experience for me, so consistency is treasured.)

These Trippy Truffles are locally made (In Los Feliz CA.), and are both Vegan, and Gluten Free. I don’t really care about that, but I do appreciate locally made (with the assumption that the maker is paying taxes locally so therefore a little more of my purchase price is going back into my own community.).

The ingredients list:

  • Raw Cacao Nibs (?)
  • Unsweetened Shredded Coconut
  • Dates
  • Canna Coconut Oil
  • Peanut Butter
  • Natural Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Salt


Contains 71mg +/- 10% Sativa Dominant Cannabis

trippy-truffle-bittenSee, this is the part that got me. I have found that it takes about 50mg to get me feeling good. (I am over 6’tall so maybe it takes more for me then most). Assuming that the 71mg is a combined total, then eating one of these will only result in a very slight muscle relaxation. However, eating both will have me very intoxicated. I decided to eat just one. After about an hour, I noticed that the soreness I had in my arm from a particularly grueling workout the day before had subsided. Other then that, there were no effects.

I decided to eat the second Trippy Truffle, and then go for a walk. Returning from my walk, I stopped by a convenience store, and it was there that I began to realize that the effects had set in. It was a bit psychedelic (I should have guessed by the name). I could hear every noise distinctly, and I found myself pondering the faces of my fellow shoppers. Why were they here? That guy at the hot dog machine looks stoned… I bet he has the munchies.

Successfully navigating my way through the hustle of the store, and back down to my apartment, I came to the conclusion that those Trippy Truffles had gotten me very stoned.

This is why it is a good idea to always experiment with marijuana edibles, know the doses, and understand how they affect you. While smoking to medicate may not be the healthiest of options, its effects are fast enough to let you know how much you have had, and when you feel you have had enough, you can put out the joint. When medicating with edibles, by the time it starts to effect you, you have already taken all of it. One of these truffles would have been a great dose to relieve sore or stiff muscles and still leave you mentally aware to do other tasks. Eating both, however, would not be advised if you plan to get anything done.

As far as taste goes, these are pretty tasty. You can defiantly taste the marijuana, but it is not overpowering. They are not to sweet, and have a nice overall consistency.



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Snoop Dogg’s Doggy Sauce

Snoop Dogg’s Doggy Sauce

I’ll admit it, I bought a bottle of Snoop Dogg’s Doggy Sauce as a joke. I just thought it would be funny. Snoop Dogg Medicinal Marijuana Hot Sauce! A simple joy of living in Southern California.

pizzaI Bought this, took it home, and that night I made a pizza and put it on. I took some pics and sent them to my sister, and we laughed about it. I ate the pizza, smoked a bowl and didn’t think much of it.

The next day thing got interesting. I work from home, and about mid day felt a bit hungry. I opened the fridge and low and behold, there was left-over pizza. I ate the remaining pizza not thinking twice about the hot sauce on it.

A little while later, I was doing some work and began to realize I was stoned. I thought “that must of been some good weed, I don’t remember smoking it…” I then realized it was from the hot sauce on the pizza…

Well Played Snoop, Well Played.

As far as flavor goes… well Doggy Sauce isn’t anything special. Think Tabasco with a hint of weed. The flavor of the sauce really does hide most of the cannabis flavor, and it is a nice relaxing addition to  dinner.

I would say pick some up if you see it.

And if you are missing any Snoop Dogg tunes in your collection, you can get em on iTunes!

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PJ Budders Belgian White Chocolate

PJ Budders Belgian White Chocolate

I am a big fan of the PJ Budders Belgian White Chocolate. Sometimes I will get one of these, a bus pass, and a camera, and just go on an adventure.

The bar is divided up into six sections. I find that two sections usually leave me with a very pleasant, high energy body high. (It is kind of like a cup of coffee and a muscle relaxer.) I once found myself in the odd position of having three sections left, and decided to eat them all as opposed to save one for later. This was a mistake. An hour later when my buss got to my stop, I had to concentrate on walking to make it the rest of the way home…

The PJ Budders Belgian White Chocolate pleasantly combines the full rich flavors of Belgian White Chocolate with the bitter, unmistakable taste of marijuana. The richness of the not-too-sweet white chocolate really minimizes the cannabis flavor. It is really a toss up to me between which is better, this or their Dark Chocolate