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Cannabis Pills – A different way to take Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana: Cannabis Pills

Cannabis Pills: a Different way to medicate

medical marijuana pillsSome people just aren’t fans of smoking marijuana. Maybe the equate it to cigarettes, maybe they just aren’t the type to spark up a doobie, blaze the blunt, rip the bong, or hit the bowl… Then again, maybe you love to smoke weed, but aren’t in a position to do so (without having to be sneaky). This is when Cannabis Pills come in handy.

The Road Trip

Not to long ago, my Father moved across the country. I helped him make the drive. However, that drive took us through many states that are not fans of medical marijuana use. I decided that getting arrested for a joint while trying to help my dad move would not be a pleasant experience, but I didn’t want to leave my medication behind. Instead of my usual, I instead stocked up on Cannabis extract pills, and edibles*. These truly made for a much better cross-country experience.

*these weren’t for the drive, but to help me sleep at night in the hotels

Indica Cannabis Pills

medical cannabis pillsI prefer Indica strains of Marijuana. I suffer from Insomnia, joint problems (knees, and tendon damage in my hand from a workplace injury, as well as some nerve damage from a different workplace injury). I therefore find the marijuana effects of Indica much better for my pain then the marijuana effects of the Sativa strains. (as I am sure you can tell by all the Indica reviews on this site). Although you can get both Indica and Sativa strains in pill form, I picked up the Indica.

The bottle claims 16.3mg of THC per pill. I do believe that everyone has a different tolerance, and marijuana effects everyone differently, so you should experiment to find your proper dose. Mine, however, is high. I have found that, for me, 25mg usually gives me slight muscle relaxation, 50mg gives slight head effects, and 75mg gets me faded. I have also found that the reporting on THC levels (at least in edibles) is not very accurate, so testing with a new brand is always a good idea.

Although the instruction suggest dissolving the pills in hot liquid for a quicker affect, I just popped them like aspirin. I started out with two of these pills.(32.6mg of THC). after about an hour I head some okay effects. I took another, and after another hour, I was feeling pretty good.

The effects were nice, but do creep up on you, and might catch you off guard. The Cannabis pills also seemed to have given me a case of weed flavored burps…

Cannabis Pills – Summary

If you don’t want to “smoke” cannabis, but feel like you could benefit from it’s medicinal properties, this may be a good option. The marijuana pills would also be useful to take a half hour before bed if you suffer from muscle aches that keep you up, or any other type of insomnia, but aren’t looking to “get stoned”. Just take these, and as the effects creep up on you, you will drift off into a deep, refreshing sleep.

Either way, I like to always keep some Cannabis pills on hand as a “just in case”.

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