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5 Unexpected Diseases Medical Marijuana can Treat

cannabinoid-deficienciesWe all have heard about the medicinal value of Marijuana. Anyone who has ever been stoned can tell you medicinal marijuana treats insomnia, anxiety, depression and loss of appetite. many of us have read that marijuana inhibits tumor growth, and relieves seizures. But what else does it do? There is research currently underway that theorizes that many of the diseases that marijuana treats are not diseases at all, but symptoms of cannabinoid deficiencies. The theory is that, much like iron, zinc and potassium, our bodies need cannabinoids. Our bodies have cannabinoid receptors in them. Marijuana is one of the few sources of cannabinoids. In fact, marijuana contains 2 different types: Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). The only other place with large amounts of naturally occurring cannabinoids is human breast milk.

So what other conditions do THC and CBD treat? click through to find out!

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